Hello! If you’re any kind of researcher or practitioner in AI (broadly construed) at any career stage, with an interest in interactivity or games, I’d like to invite you to participate in our new mentor pairing program for authors new to the AIIDE community.

💌 For more info: joseph.osborn@pomona.edu
📜 Call for participation: sites.google.com/view/aiide-20

AIIDE has been my home conference since 2018, it’s not too big and not too small and the (double blind) reviews are of very good quality!

The department I'm at MIT, Comparative Media Studies/Writing, is hiring an assistant professor specializing in either 1) media industries or 2) computational media


Pomona CS is hiring tenure track for next year!


I really like it here, they value both teaching and research, steady 2/2 course load, pre-tenure year-long sabbatical with salary subvention. Mask and vaccine mandates, strong faculty governance, majority nonwhite student body, small class sizes (15-40), smallish department (~8-10 people). Great retirement and mortgage benefits. No PhD students but excellent undergrads.

I’m just about to write a personal statement for my reappointment review. Anybody have advice/thoughts/rants/want to kvetch about theirs?

Does anybody have interactive fiction favorites for an almost-7 year old who likes space/science/fantasy? We’ve enjoyed “Escape this book!” and Lowery’s sketchbook adventures or whatever they’re called; any good digital examples out there?

🦀 Software Developer, Rust

We're looking for two developers to join the team that develops and maintains the networking software at the core of the Tor network, keeping it secure and improving it for the future.

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anyone on fedi do game design? (boosts welcome)
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Are you interested in games, interaction, and/or programming languages? Please consider submitting to PLIÉ 2021 by August 12!


Topics range from domain specific and end-user programming languages to formal verification, authoring tools, programming practices around interactivity, and UX of programming!

If you don’t have a full paper ready to go, consider a 2 page “conversation starter” or a demo or tutorial!

Well it looks like I just finished the first draft of my first NSF CAREER application! I’m not expecting much but as an exercise I guess I’m glad I have a (possible) plan for my next five years of research.

Okay, so picture this. It's brillig, right? It's brillig, right about square mid-brillig. And there's these toves -- pretty slithy toves. And like you'd expect, they're hangin' out in the wabe

Familiar with :apple_inc: Swift, UIKit, and know your way around XCode? Want to help advance the state of #XMPP on #iOS? :xmpp: 📱 We're looking for developers to help bring our iOS app over the finish line! 🏁

This will be a paid short-term project producing FLOSS. DM or email matthew@snikket.org if you're interested.

Not an iOS dev? That's okay, boosts appreciated too! 🙂

The six stages of vertex skinning animation:
1. Nothing draws at all, why
2. Model draws without animating, why is nothing moving
3. Exactly one of the model’s vertices is animating, what
4. Sprawling, skittering mass of limbs, how could anyone possibly debug this?
5. Oh, flip this multiplication around and it works!
6. Phew, that wasn’t so hard!

Just a reminder for all you students that Google summer of code opened today! Get paid by google to not work for Google!


Boost this if you want to be part of an explicitly anticapitalist technology liberation movement.

Do I know anyone with a handle on geometric algebra?

I’m trying to develop an explanation for rigidbody physics in 3D with rotors as rotations and angular momentum as a bivector (deriving angular velocity from the inertia tensor) but I’m having trouble deriving equations of motion. In part this is because I am not 100% sure what all the types should be.

Outreachy May to August internship applications are open! Outreachy is:

💵 Paid - $6,000 USD total internship stipend

🌍 Remote - both interns and mentors work remotely

🕰 3 months - internships run May 24 to August 24

🚨 Apply by February 22 at 4pm UTC outreachy.org/apply/

Outreachy supports diversity in open source software!

Past interns are:

♀️ 92% women

🏳️‍🌈 4% transgender, genderqueer, or non-binary people

🧕🏾 64% people of color

🧑🏿 12% people from a historically disadvantaged caste or tribe

This video shows 'resting scholar face' and I'm feeling a bit attacked cause when I'm listening to something complex I often frown, look down, close my eyes occasionally, and put my hand to my mouth to just focus on listening


Should I be worried that my six year old is threatening to “hack into [my] mainframe”?

Announcing FOSS and Crafts, a new podcast about free software, free culture, and making things together! Co-hosted by @mlemweb and @cwebber! fossandcrafts.org/

Our introductory episode is out, and more are on the way! fossandcrafts.org/episodes/epi

I'm hiring:

1) a lecturer (equiv. asst. prof.) in Design Research (0.7fte, 3,5 days/week) hva.nl/vacatures/1107273/Lectu
ATTENTION: this lecturer must hold a PhD at the time of hiring.

2) a lab assistant who is well-versed in creative technologies (0.2fte, 1 day/week) hva.nl/vacatures/1113962/Lab-A

3) a studio assistant who is an empathetic "people-person" and can coach students in their design processes & team dynamics (0.4fte, 2 days/week) hva.nl/vacatures/1107320/Studi

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