Who here's familiar with Rust? And it's automatic code generation facilities?

I want some advice.

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lastish call: we're starting up a study group on ergodicity (a fundamental concept in physics, dynamics, chaos, and probability, that characterizes the randomness in a system) aimed at people with a moderate math background and some coding skills.

we are an explicitly queer-affirming group and we particularly welcome ppl who feel alienated from academic math.

right now we are reading mat.ucm.es/serv/revmat/vol19-1

our code is at github.com/faec/IntervalExchan

exercises are at github.com/faec/IntervalExchan


"In all cases Montezuma’s Revenge no longer serves its original purpose of being a hard problem of sparse reward problem solving, and rather becomes an easier problem of learning a trajectory through a fixed state space"

Strikes me as very true, did not think of this myself...

Hi all, I am a political theorist, urbanist, democrat, communist, anarchist, libertarian, and geographer. I am interested in democracy and free software.

👋everyone -- this is my first mastodon instance/community. I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington in Seattle. I study contemplative practice and technology and public space. I also garden, cycle, and love love love to cook.

Of course a Bob Ross-alike show about happy little PCG algorithms would be cute too and maybe more telegenic. I think Kate Compton has a bot on the bird site based on this premise. I basically want more media that promotes personal software development whether that’s excel macros or ifttt or emacs lisp or using constraint solvers or writing Rust or whatever.

“This Old House” is really comfortable and feels very edifying to watch. I think it works because of the presenters’ affability and expertise and also crucially because viewers have some existing literacy around housework and home improvement, or at least around living in a home. The historicity of cool old houses is also key.

I’d love to see a “This Old Codebase” that humanizes personal software development like this, but listings are not as aesthetic as attics and basements…

Watch "Solving Pokemon Blue With a Single, Huge Regular Expression" on YouTube youtu.be/Q2g9d29UIzk

Does any other field value conference publications to the extent that computational linguistics does?

I feel like it shapes the whole conference submission process. We don't submit abstracts or short papers, typically you submit what's going in the proceedings instead of an abstract.

Maybe I just think it's so different because Linguistics conferences typically do abstracts to determine who gets accepted.

Hello! I’m a newly-minted CS PhD (UC Santa Cruz) and Assistant Prof at Pomona College. My research area connects videogames, AI, verification, and specification recovery. I’m also really interested in GPGPU and other forms of energy-efficient computation. I’m on a mission to help my students replace the games industry and Silicon Valley with more humane alternatives.

I want to learn more about equitable instructional, assessment, and evaluation design!

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