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Our copier is not connected to the internet.

Every day, every couple of hours, someone reports to us that "it says the network cable is unplugged."

They never believe us when we tell them that it's supposed to be that way.

The lunch options for this staff development event are some real zugzwang situations

I have to set up a profile page for this class, and one of the required sections is "favorite websites" 😰

Really, if you found an island with people who *weren't* descended from the first humans, *that* would be a major story.

"Sentinelese are thought to be direct descendants from the first humans"

Can we require that every article describing people include that phrase? "I visited Germany this summer. It's a land inhabited by people who, possibly, are descended from the first humans."

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You, a pleb: I have over 500 pdfs and books on my mobile device, how convenient

Me, a Tokugawa chōnin intellectual:

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Anyone else starting their semester next week? One final weekend of freedom...

Library science grad student here, checking into!


We are not lost but only run away,
The authors and the powers of confusion;
We are the promise of unborn occasions;
Our presence is required by all the spaces.

Kairos and Logos by W H Auden

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