Every time I look at fig 1 in our paper, the "Final" maze shape makes me think of E.T.'s sprite in the original Atari game. Every damn time.

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📄🔓Out now: We show that linguistic conventions
emerging at the local level in goal-directed dialogue are sensitive to the environment. Different layouts motivate different linguistic construals in the classical maze game

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Meanwhile my shared data partition on my Win/Linux dual boot laptop...
(should add prettier cusom icons to cloud folders sometime.)

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It feels like Microsoft, Google, and Apple are all trying to create a world where people have no freaking clue where their files are saved and I think this is a Really. Terrible. Idea.

This is the root cause of our kids' greatest agony re: online learning right now.

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A moment of appreciation for the beautiful cover design of this year's @EvolangConf@twitter.com proceedings.
Also shoutout to @hartmast@twitter.com for the🐵snapshot and daily reminder that the proceedings are online:

Very humbled to have been able to contribute to this. Language evolution is one of the most complex problems in science. CHIELD and causal graph reasoning are very useful tools to bring some structure into the multivariate chaos!

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New paper: CHIELD is a database for theories of language evolution coded as causal graphs. You can add your own, see how they link up and find weak links that need further research. Website: chield.excd.org/. Paper: doi.org/10.1093/jole/lzaa001

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Having to pester people for reference letters for every stupid little thing you want to do as an ECR is really frustrating. I just hope I'll be in a position where I can return the favour to generation j+1 one day...

The Game of Life was one of the first "cool" things I got to implement when learning Pythonfor the first time. Really saddened by John Conway's death. R.I.P. :(

Jesus christ, I accidentally deleted a huge collection just now, and barely managed to save it. If it ever happens to you, DO NOT CLOSE Zotero before you copy the last back-up file (so it isn't overridden). God bless the developers (although 'undo' option would be nicer)

Goals: being a linguist interviewed about Animal Crossing's Animalese

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Hot tip for those still using Word - if you save an R plot as a pdf, and then load that pdf as an object into Word, every time you update that plot in R it will auto update in your manuscript

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🎧Something to listen to: I was interviewed for the 1st episode of UoE cogsci society's "Streaming Consciouness" podcast. It was fun to talk about language evolution and what we do at @UoE_CLE@twitter.com!

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I'll soon be recruiting a 2y postdoc for massive corpus-based cross-linguistic comparison of conversational structures, to join our @NWO_SSH@twitter.com Vidi team 'Elementary particles of conversation' — official ad may be a bit corona-delayed but do get in touch with any questions or tips!

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ManyBabies 1 now out! Quantifying sources of variability in infancy research using the infant directed speech preference. Babies prefer babytalk the world around - but preference strength was moderated by age, language, and method.

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I am somehow getting even more invites to predatory conferences these days. Are they betting that some scholars desparately want to attend anything this year?

Since I just joined, I would like to offer some pie that we made yesterday for Pi Day.

Hello world,
I am a PhD student in Edinburgh, currently using experiments to investigate language and cognition.
I am generally interested in how meaning-making in interaction allows humans to act efficiently together and how communication systems (like language) evolve culturally to enable this.
Most of my work involves experiments designed to address this directly in the lab by having humans solve problems with communication. I am also an advocate. :)

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