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Introducing myself to a new instance 

I guess I should do a new since I've moved to this instance.

I am from Oregon (USA) but living, teaching in Paris for years now. Currently a doctoral student focusing on the political economy of disinformation and fact-checking around controversies of and in US political discourse.

Current covid-safe interests: 🚲 🐱 🇻🇳 🍜

Ultimately, I am new here and open to tips on how to make the most of it 😀.

Appropriately for this week, I am preparing a lecture on corporate media monopolies and trust in media. The Murdochs' News Corp media empire still blows my mind. It across the world: Australia, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, United States, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, India, China, Japan. This list is not close to exhaustive.

Then I think about their new divisions role in climate denial narratives... 🤢

Any good recommendations of articles explaining the benefits and joys of Mastodon (and how to join obviously) in the most simple flashy way?

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I know it's preaching to the choir here, but one thing that hurts my brain in media and disinfo research circles is that nationalizing and regulating tech giants is the primary debate. Rarely do I ever here anyone talk about a far simpler solution: leave, join alternatives.

Even in socialist organizations, the concept not using tech giants tools is not considered. It's a type of Capitalist Realism for tech.

So happy to see the timeline covered in introductions and welcomes. This is a good week to tell your friends and colleagues about Mastodon in other networks

If you're new here

A lot of people won't accept a follow request, or might (soft-)block you if your profile doesn't have an avatar/header/bio/any posts at all

This isn't personal

It's just a learned response that is protective against spammy follow-bots

If you give us something to go on, you may find that people get much friendlier! :)

That concept of "deliberate deception" is something I think about often. For journalists and researchers, there is a fear of being seen as biased, but at what point are we required to accommodate fascist trends? Fascist tactics will make us the enemy no matter how polite we are.

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"Perhaps there are not enough potential Kyle Rittenhouses in the US to justify fear of massive armed vigilante militias enforcing a 2024 election result demanded by Donald Trump. But denying that Trump’s party is trying to create such a movement is, at this point, deliberate deception."

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I strongly recommend this essay by Jason Stanley, especially for my friends and colleagues outside the US. It is really important to understand what is going on and Jason succinctly puts different pieces together for those not following closely: America is now in fascism’s legal phase

If you are interested or know anyone who is interested, there is a free MOOC starting next week called Disinformation Step by Step. I helped translate it from French to English (also available in Spanish) so I’ve seen the curriculum and it’s really good. Lots of useful tools in there for surviving and interpreting our information disordered world:

There have been a lot of fresh faces here recently. If you're totally new to Mastodon or the Fediverse, welcome! 👋

It works a bit like email: you only need to sign up on one site, because you can follow people on other sites as the sites talk to each other. Telephones are similar, you can call people on other phone networks without having to buy a new phone, because phone networks are all connected together.

There are lots of good reasons why the Fediverse works like this, here's a thread explaining more about this:

If you're looking for people to follow, here are a couple of good places to try:

Trunk is a community-run opt-in directory of people looking for followers, you can browse it at

FediFollows is a directory of accounts dedicated to specific topics, you can browse it at

If you have any questions about Mastodon or the Fediverse, @ me or DM me!

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

I had a look at the implications of the Facebook Metaverse on emissions from computing. It is scary.

For the ideal VR experience, you need a network bandwidth of 1.6Gbit/s. To watch an HD video at 4K currently, you need 25Mbits/s; 8K would be 100Mbits/s.

So VR requires 64x more bandwidth than 4K video!

Ignoring the infrastructure emissions, purely running this from a cloud data centre effectively means a 64x increase in energy consumption and therefore in carbon emissions.

When I researched my talk about Frugal Computing, I did not discuss VR, as none of the studies I referenced considered it. But with a giant like Facebook behind it, VR might become a very considerable part of our lives.

That would be a disaster: already, emissions from computing are dominated by video. VR will make this many, many times worse.

The only bright side is that with current technologies, there is not enough electricity in the world to power this ideal-experience VR revolution.


Element is hiring Backend Engineers 🚀

If you:
- are experienced with #Python OR #NodeJS
- know your way with #SQL
- know what a REST API is
- want to work on an open source project (#Synapse and/or bridges)

You can either DM me or apply directly on

If you are not sure if you would be a great fit or what would be expected from you, drop me a message and we'll figure it out :)

🔄 Boosts very appreciated, we need you!


This is includes my own dissertation research. I am too far in to change it but I've wanted to for a while now.

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Most research is insufficiently Western focused

"But Facebook is not like other companies. It is bigger, and the stakes of its decisions are higher. In North America, we have recently become acutely aware of the risks and harms of social media. But the Facebook we see is the platform at its best. Any solutions will need to apply not only to the problems we still encounter here, but also to those with which the other 90 percent of Facebook’s users struggle every day."

Random: tea thoughts 

Oddly enough I never considered the importance of water temperatures when brewing tea (unlike I do with coffee) and I have to say it is a life changer.

This is a great article on Digital Colonization and why people should take seriously the need to help build and promote alternatives as a form of solidarity and praxis. For all the ways we can see the problems of tech monopolies in the West, they are even more pernicious and extracting in the "Global South".

Jason Hickel and Stéphane Hallegatte, the head climate economist at the World Bank, had a written debate about Green Growth and Degrowth. Best of all it isn't behind a paywall.

"Can we live within environmental limits and still reduce poverty? Degrowth or decoupling?"

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What does the World Bank's lead climate economist think about degrowth and post-capitalism? We did a written debate in the pages of Development Policy Review. You can read it for free here:


#crosspost from birdsite 

I can't tell anymore if the many recent leaks/revelations about Facebook are making a difference in perception of their ineffective efforts or just normalizing them and lowering expectations.

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