Fascism and its causes 

I've been seeing too many people try and draw glibly neat lines between the resurgence of Italian fascism and crises of capitalism.

There are lines to be drawn between an economic system and forms of totalitarianism it is at risk of, but non-capitalist economies are not immune to totalitarianism, and whilst economic dislocation contributes to fascism, it's less simple than the glib "being poor made me a nazi" line which is a misdiagnosis the left can be susceptible to.

This is the gaur, a bovine who,
Is like to be more large than you,
For he weighs one tonne and a half
(Above the bison, or giraffe)
So heavily he wanders by,
Plains stretched beneath unclouded sky,
He bellows deep and whistles too:
Deliv'rer of the largest moo.

You can get ROCKPOOL exclusively thus far as part of this charity bundle put together by @nidorina - it's for a small young people's clothing/supplies charity in Cape Cod:

There's also lots of super cool other things in there! And it's ther first time any of my RPG work has been actually for sale for actual money so I really hope people like it and find it worthwhile :)

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So, a few weeks ago, I saw that someone on here was putting together a charity itch bundle, said I may have something to add, and then slightly panicked and wrote a 12 page mini RPG over the course of a weekend.

The result is a game called ROCKPOOL, and it's about strange little creatures that live around rockpools and have strange little dreams for what they want the world to be like. You can fight terrifying rockpool wildlife and fey, craft things from flotsam, and await the changing tide.

the katelynn's closet charity bundle is live!!! $10 for 44 items, mostly #ttrpg with a few video games and books in there too!! 100% of the proceeds after itch's share will go to an organization on cape cod that provides clothing to disadvantaged kids, and my employer will be 100% matching the final donation!!! this charity did a lot for me as a kid, so i'm really excited to be able to support them!!!!

COVID cases etc 

The base here isn't too high, so I think I will still go to comicon at the weekend, but that'll be a slightly uncomfy risk and I'll probably try and stick to smaller gatherings from then on through the winter.

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COVID cases etc 

Cases in Austria are shooting upwards again as of the past week or so, especially in Upper Austria but there's an uptick everywhere.

I think it's probably going to be a bad winter. And they'll leave it far, far too long to impose restrictions again, as usual.

I should be getting my fourth jab on Wednesday, my doctor is getting the combined one (that also was made to target early-variant Omicron) in then.

I wrote up some thoughts on how to use creative play with the medieval to make it harder for fascists to claim medieval symbolism into a proper little article for @ExilianOfficial.

Would love to hear your thoughts:

YouTube's algorithms have decided I ought to like James Blunt's music to the point where from random playlisting, I now have a James Blunt song stuck in my head that *isn't even one of the two James Blunt songs people actually know* and this feels somewhat unfair.

That's not to say other forms of activism are at all easy! They're not, people are usually in my experience horribly stretched and trying to achieve the near impossible in small and sometimes fractious high pressure circles while desperately trying to make people's lives better.

But the specific challenge of "I want political parties to be better versions of themselves and to win power" is both one that we need and one that more people eye with a variety of forms of animosity.

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I have managed to do one of the five pieces of writing I was meant to do this week and the rest of the time has been spent on politics, which is tiring.

I hope I'm doing the right things. Anything around party/public politics can be a tricky emotional wicket for people who have any level of introspection, because there's so, so much more natural hostility compared to other sorts of activism and engagement volunteering, and more people who think what you're doing is prima facie Bad Actually.

PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife?


PRIEST: Does anyone have anything-

RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS

Since I appear to just be in messy soft-launch as I am chaotic brained and spoon-low right now: I'm running!

Specifically, I've decided to throw my hat in to be a member of the Federal Policy Committee for the UK's Liberal Democrat party. Key bits of my platform for running will be to strengthen the party's commitment to UBI, to be more vocal on our support for LGBT and trans rights, and to retain & build on our pro restorative & rehabilitative justice policies.

It is 5:26pm and I have not yet kicked my brain into doing the things yet today. Despite the fact I should be feeling a lot more relieved of immediate stressors, I am very tired and my throat tension is bad :/

If you haven't played Roadwarden, and you like choice-based adventures and good storytelling, you absolutely should. It's a genuinely brilliant set of interwoven stories to navigate through, and it's difficult and human and sometimes sad but with a level of heart that too many similar tales ditch in favour of Gritty Emotionlessness. I hugely recommend it.


I wish people didn't always make fantasy dwarves kind of boorish. It feels like "they're earthy so they must be rough, direct, shallow, honest" is often the take - but I think for me the point of the dwarves is a bit the converse, not that they are rough like rocks, but that they can see the beauty and numinous nature of earth.

Anyone know what's going on with mastodon.social? I can't seem to toot from @ExilianOfficial at all this morning, it's giving me error 500s :( And I had an announcement I needed to get out, too.

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