New friends at and beyond. It is kind of normal to add content warnings (little speech bubble with exclamation mark) when posting about politics, mental health, food and other things that may be sensitive.

If you forget, nobody will be mean, but it is highly appreciated. And if I forget, I would appreciate being reminded.

Pol, Russia/Czech Republic, plus kinda? 

Pol, Greens, minus 

Exams, academic worries, being ill: 

Minor grump, mastometa: 

Cw request 

New article! An interview with award winning director Kate Madison and director of photography Neil Oseman, as they work to crowdfund the second season of their independent fantasy webseries Ren:

#RenewRen #Webseries #Fantasy #Film #CreativeToots

July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

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Hey, I'm a postdoc in vertebrate palaeontology at the natural history museum Stuttgart, in Germany. I work with anatomy, functional morphology, and systematics of reptiles. I used to work with stem-archosaur braincases, esp. inner ears, but now I'm into early lepidosauromorphs and basal diapsids. I use CT scans. And I do scicomm in Portugese on a Podcast.

New article! Some thoughts on characters from classic Warhammer #fantasy setting, why they work and how to use that in your #writing and #worldbuilding:

As ever, please do let us know what you think! :)

#warhammer #tabletop #creativetoots

Pol & Mastodon Rant 

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Pol & Mastodon Rant 

Creative writing worries 


We have an article about #pangolin folklore in our #articles section - do check it out this #WorldPangolinDay and find out more about the myths and legends that surround our beautifuly scaly fluffball friends :)


#wildlife #nature #folklore #mythology

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