@raindrops I have been playing Stellaris all weekend so far which has been very unproductive but also given how bad my burnout is getting, spreading democracy and human rights through a fictional galaxy via small fluffly creatures called Pootpoots was probably what I needed this weekend.

Also I'm going to go show some people where to find wild hamsters later so that should be nice.

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@JubalBarca a big gaming sesh is the perfect remedy for burnout ! i hope the pootpoots help u relax and take a moment to recharge 🌷

wild (!) hamsters (!!!!!!) -- this excites me to no end and i must know more

@raindrops Yis! They're European field hamsters, quite rare now but they often hang around in some of the bigger graveyards here in Vienna where there's lots of short turf to burrow into and people bringing them flowers and candles which they like to eat. They're quite chonky and very cute indeed.

@JubalBarca wowow chonky candle-eating fluffy graveyard dwellers are something i can definitely get behind

@raindrops Yeah, I do think they're one of the under-sold gems of this city really :)

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