There are two wolves inside you.

Also two pandas. And two lions. And two rockhopper penguins, and two sunda pangolins.

Also, two rather unhappy moles who wish to know where all the soil went.

You are Noah's Ark, and you are uncertain how you know this, or when you gained the capacity for thought or introspection.

There is only sea, all around; the rain has not yet stopped.

There are two wolves inside you, and you were built to keep them safe until the dawn.

@JubalBarca Damn, this needs to be a Twine, SNES game jokes and all.

@JubalBarca This is going to sound like I have been living under a rock (I have) but I only know of this whole 2 wolves thing fro people ripping the piss out of it and actually have no clue where it came from or what the original context is/was?

Also I am here for the penguins.

@esty @JubalBarca I've read, on wikipedia I think, that it's attributed either to some amerikan pastor in 1970s iirc or to a native american people's proverb, but that its not certain

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