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Features that I often miss in a books/media-in-general database :
- Allow one work to be part of multiple series (e.g. main series and sub-series, or the work being a crossover that belongs to two series)
- Allow for organising series/franchises hierarchically (Inventaire has one series called "Elfquest Comics". There are about two dozen series of Elfquest comics, only two of which are only titled "Elfquest")

Hey :) This is an account for karrot - an open source community organising platform focused on resource saving and sharing.

We're currently being used by a bunch of groups around Europe who save and share food from being wasted (see, but heading towards general community organising uses too.

We're into stuff like participatory design, democratic process, non/less-hierarchical structure.

We're open source (you can use our main instance, or self-host).


Also, I would hope it would go without saying but I can't ignore what web site I'm posting on SO:

Ideological purity being fake does NOT give you carte blanche to engage with whatever you want with no critical thought whatsoever

In fact, the opposite is true: there exists a moral obligation to engage critically with those things you enjoy so that you can identify those elements which are corruptible and learn to actively recognize them when they appear

I love high fantasy, it makes up the majority of what I read

This means I must be keenly aware of the racist, colonialist, and imperialist underpinnings of the genre so that I can recognize them when they creep into a story

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Basically ideological purity is fake and if you only engage with things that are 100% pure and impossible to corrupt and also perfectly align with your political views, you're gonna sit in a room alone forever

Our election results are out! All current regularly elected volunteer staff were re-elected unopposed: @JubalBarca as chair, Tusky as voting members' officer, and GMD as senior forum moderator.

Thanks to all who voted & who make up our community :)

Oops, didn't image describe. Image in the above toot is a bunch of grapes, one of which has blemishes that appear to be two eyes and a flatline mouth. Apologies!

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I have a disconcerting feeling that this grape is looking back at me and has Opinions.

UK pol, policing, Labour 

Historically, Labour often adopt good policies outside economics when pressured and flanked by the Liberals (or Greens) adopting them first. And those parties have historically had a much stronger civil liberties streak than Labour, too.

But it feels like the attitude on policing change is "if Starmer won't do what we want, we'll, uhhh, post devastating dunks on him on social media". Which is frustrating to watch.

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UK pol, policing, Labour 

The UK left (in broad terms) are really not very good at assessing their options for getting policy ideas onto the political table, largely because they're far too locked into the idea that the Labour party is the only legitimate political force, an idea that Labour spends a good deal of time trying to reinforce.

And this frog. On a log. Who is not so much designer chic or dramatic goth but was a Good Frog and looks very contemplative.

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Also this yellow-belted burnet moth which is definitely at the chic nouveau art end of the lepidoptera spectrum:

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I found this cute and rather goth butterfly when I went for a walk at the weekend. Its latin name is Brintesia circe so it's definitely doubling down on the witchy/goth theme. :)

Those of you who are on hellbird-site, I'm taking part in a conference on there tomorrow at MidAgesModGames which looks cool if medievalism and gaming are things that interest you.

I will try and get my own thread from the conference also copied over on here for people who don't want to use The Other Place: I'm going to be talking about linking medievalism in games and digital humanities research/approaches :)

It looks like removing the tiny speck of dust from inside my camera would be more expensive than buying a whole new camera and I am very upset and annoyed at this right now.

The fact that buying an entire new device equipped with finely made lenses, zoom motors, screens, and more computational capacity than the Apollo missions, is genuinely looking like an easier and more affordable option than blowing some dust out... What the hell, society?!

the idea that human lives in scifi or fantasy lit are as diversified as in real life while all other species (or "races") are completely homogenous in their culture and occupations is a reflection of eurocentrism and colonial racism and that's the 🍵


I know I say this often but it never ceases to be amazing to me, as a liberal who has campaigned politically as such and literally written bits of policy for a liberal political party, to discover so many things on this website about what "liberals believe" which I absolutely literally had never heard of, or are absolutely the opposite of true, or both. Like the amount of energy that goes in certain quarters here into creating and punching "liberal" strawmen is really quite something.

What happens when you train a facial deobfuscation algorithm without any Black people in your training set (or on the team to point it out)?

I wish tiny bats like pipistrelles got as much attention as fruit bats.

Like they look a little different but I promise they are sweet and cute little squeakers and if you live in the UK they are probably your neighbours!

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