I'm looking for honours students at the moment and just had an approach from one - who looks like they could absolutely run rings around me!

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verbatim quote from a podcast I have to listen to for work 

"One way to get self-driving cars super quickly in society is say, a whole bunch of roads, no humans can drive on them, and we're going to put rails on the road, or you know, magnets or something, and self-driving cars can drive on those roads, people can't be there, and it would honestly work pretty great if you could enforce all that"

yay it's done. No idea if that means it's done-done..

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wow I actually got through to someone. they agreed that the thing wasn't working. I guess that's something?

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Lol, it's clear that me moving up in the queue was people dropping out when they reached the front and discovered there was no-one to chat with

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In the chat queue. What are the odds of a satisfactory resolution

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gah I'm trying to submit my revisions but the stupid portal doesn't work. Computers, once again, were a mistake

I wonder what the academic literature says about culling my word count so this thing I'm doing can be academic literature

Ok they weren't *that* minor in the end. But I think I've nearly almost finished with my second draft (and completely blown the word count in the process, sigh...)

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my local instance (aus.social) appears to have asploded

Job ad - STS peeps! 

We're struggling to fill this role so it's a realistic opportunity for a recent PhD who can/will move to Canberra, Australia.

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Job ad - STS peeps! 

The position is based in Canberra. The role is to understand the governance barriers to microgrids being feasible (everything from specific rule changes, institutional culture and capacity of actors involved) but also contribute towards thinking of alternative modes of operation beyond narrow market logics.

Working closely with two other RF (one with social science background and one with modelling and data science background.


I got reviewer comments... and they're generally pretty positive and minor! 😮

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I just submitted another journal article! (until one of these gets published it's still going to be remarkable for me)

This one already got rejected once so everyone is a bit sick of it

On the topic of green capitalism, this was shared on a mailing list I'm on this week


Re. new expropriation law in Serbia, which makes it easy for gov to take land off people for mining - in this case Rio Tinto mining jadarite, used in batteries and EVs

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Designing a disassemble-able, open source, repairable solar lamp made by people paid fairly for their labour

"just because it’s a market in sustainable technologies, doesn’t mean the market doesn’t reproduce capitalism’s built-in tendencies towards exploitation, inequality and crisis. It may be green, but it’s still capitalism. Green capitalism™."


Having a nice week, I did a conference talk that I wasn't that excited about, but it turned out to be a really good panel - lots of discussion and a nice vibe. And lots of people (well, three) have emailed me wanting to keep talking - about urban planning and the EV transition - which is 100% my jam

the current speaker just used "palimpsest" in her slide and talk. I respect that.

yay, I made it in, turns out I needed to keep mashing buttons more

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