Re-, you say?

I'm doing social science research within an engineering school that's into new/clean energy tech - in my case, EVs and grid integration.

Less cars >> EVs > fossil cars

My PhD was in architectural science, about the experience of air conditioning, and my undergrad was in renewable energy engineering.

I've been doing all sorts of things related to energy for the last ~16 years including policy, consulting and building stuff.

Ooh looks like I got me an honours student to supervise!

general good feelings about work 

I've now interviewed 35 people for my project. Feeling really good about it - I feel like I've got a good diversity of views and I'm covering territory the project would not be touching without someone in my role.

I feel like I'm doing a good job. And it's my first academic job, with a long gap after getting my PhD, so I think that feels extra good.

I'm about to do another interview and I'm aware this person is super excited about it.. should be fun (and will probably go double overtime)

Hey pals. How is too old when it comes to writing an article from your data? There's a journal special issue that's interesting, but my data was collected 10 years ago.

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It has come to my attention that I barely know how to use NVivo. (I'm learning now)

This actually looks like it's going to be great: The politics of the earth: Environmental discourses, by John Dryzek (who I think is now at the same uni as me?)

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:ohno: I'm about to start reading a book about discourse :ohno:

Designing a workshop (basically a retrospective) and trying to decide how far I want to overengineer zoom breakout groups.

The full group is probably too many for a good discussion

@pelagikat I'm thinking about submitting to this, might be of interest to you too ascus2021.metabolismofcities.o

my dudes... I'm going to submit an abstract to a conference

My kingdom for a brainstorming (etc) tool that will do something that I don't know what I want until I've done the brainstorming

Just did a great interview. I forgot to hit record 😭

When I was an undergrad I did my honours year at a uni in Germany. My supervisor was the same age as me and we became friends. For 15 years we've exchanged birthday and xmas emails and photos. It's just super nice to keep in touch with each other's lives. That's my story.

merging nodes like my life depends on it

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