Can you suggest any key authors in the care and maintenance of household technologies?

I'm thinking stuff like solar panels, appliances, cars, gardens etc

Our group is looking for a new engineering/physics PhD student for a veeeerry interesting project (in Canberra, Aus)

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Hi Peeps! the number of submissions for for the #GLAM miniconf is looking a little sad 😥 If you are doing anything awesome in the Tech/GLAM space you should totally submit something. We want to hear from you! #FOSS #GLAM

Submit here!

Subjects of Intergenerational Justice
Indigenous Philosophy, the Environment and Relationships

(need to request this for our library)

jeepers submitting journal articles takes ages.

related: I just submitted a journal article! my first as first author for [checks watch] seven years!!

Does anyone know any good resources for doing literature reviews as a team?

Approaches, platforms etc.


we're resubmitting our group journal article today, it's basically a complete rewrite so expect many more comments in 1 to 12 months time

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Jobs currently open 

We have jobs open currently for:
- Energy storage research
- Energy social science
- Software developers (also to do with energy stuff)

Would need to have rights to live/work in Australia.

HMU for more info! Applications are due in <1 week

@VGM thanks again, that was very interesting and I learnt a lot :)

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Coming soon: 2021-07-31 at 6:00 AM UTC

@VGM presents:

The constitutional foundations of university autonomy: What constitutional judges of European states say about it?

Sign up here!

(Graphics by @csepp)

The big question really is whether I'll be sufficiently awake at 7am on a Saturday to attend a second talk...

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now I'm extremely worried about how underutilised my paperclips are

to be clear, I'm not talking about recycling or reuse after the object's primary use has been exhausted

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what's it called when a company makes you sign a predatory agreement before using their software? 

a dracEULA

brainstorm time... can you think of any technological objects that have a secondary use that is completely different from their primary use?

e.g. if, outside of office hours, you used your computer's processor heat to dry tomatoes. but I'm after real things.

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