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I'm Kat, an Australian energy social science researcher at ANU.

I'm working on a vehicle-to-grid trial currently and in a couple of months will be switching to a renewable micro-grid project, looking at governance and operational models. I supervise a few honours students in engineering and computer science too.

My background is a mix of academia, policy, and industry, in renewable energy, EVs, sustainability, and architectural science.

ok I've done it. I decided to make it really cool

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I really gotta put the ol' summer school proposal in

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@KatLH The King asked the Queen,
And the Queen asked the Engineer,
“Could we have a toaster for the Royal Slice of Bread?”
The Engineer, said “Not so fast,
You’ll have to be specific,
It depends on voltage, sugar content, hardness of the spread.”

I'm going to make some engineers read poetry

Ha ha ha

Rescuing the future from Silicon Valley (interview), AI 

"They fed [DALL-E 2] the description, ‘Kermit the Frog, but in the Matrix’ and it can render a picture that looks like Kermit the Frog in the Matrix. On the one hand, it’s pretty cool. That’s a fun toy to play with. On the other hand, those large language models are fantastically energy expensive. We’re basically burning down our rainforest so that we can have a computer do our drawing for us."

woohoo my article is going into copyediting and typesetting (etc)

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warum nennt man es silicon valley und nicht digi tal?

Advice for reviewers, authors and editors in the journal article peer review process (OA)

cool, the conversation accepted my pitch!

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Hey y'all. Want to help organize ?
We need organizers! You'll help schedule times, make sure speakers have moderators, and tolerate my constant 'is it eSt or eDt?'

Please DM @SummerSchool

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upon receiving a letter addressed to Dr 

Yay! Love it when my mum writes to me

Kat boosted invites applications for two-month financially-supported server residencies.

We undertake hosting as creative and social practice, helping people to host their own stuff online and to develop shared server practices. We engage with the internet as material reality, from the technology employed to the energy used, and country occupied.

Full details, application process, and contact information available at:

the idea occurs to me to write an autoethnography article about a thing (dull to many, but exactly what I'm reading about at the moment) I was a part of a couple years ago.

Can I just do that? If careful not to represent anyone else involved and make them extremely anonymised?

k. I have submitted my first pitch to The Conversation, let's see how that goes.

(I've co-authored one before but not led my own)

whee resubmitted my revised article about care and gender in new energy tech. shouldn't take too long to come out. I'm really happy with it.

ethics, studying First Nations issues 

Friend (who is white) was approached by a student from a European uni doing research related to Indigenous communities in Aus.

Their ethics approval went through their European system, but how could a Euro uni conscientiously approve this type of thing? And little things like no local contact number etc.

Aus unis for all their faults take this stuff seriously. Anyway she's going to Ask Questions.

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