I'm not supposed to be reading about architectural science, but... this looks like a good article challenging northern/western normative ways of regarding climate


I am planning my research, feel like I'm struggling to reconcile what's in the funding agreement and what I think would constitute Good Research... but really I think I just need to get with the doing of things. It will work out.

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friday, 2 oct
jitsi (link will be posted the day of)

bring your reading, writing, problem sets, code, research, artwork

[ boosts welcome, rules/expectations downthread forthcoming ]

Registered for a "decolonizing [sic] the university" seminar

One of my PhD supervisors was from another uni and never got any formal credit from her uni for helping me out (which she did, a lot).

She has since quit that uni, because of all the inevitable bullshit of unis, and is doing what she wants.

She's still supervising students that are completing their postgrad, and organising group catch-ups with all of us so we can talk about how we're feeling, and be examples for each other that there is hope.

She's basically the best

Time for a "pitching to The Conversation" seminarrr

It must be NVivo day... I have requested a licence

Anyone familiar with the terms first-order and second-order learning? I'm guessing first-order is learning what is, how to, etc; second-order is more critical, to do with meaning, consequences, alternatives etc.

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is live!


no password, hop in when you want, i'll be here for two hours.

see rules post for conduct expectations

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What's the best way to archive web pages?

I've been being slightly weird this week about coordinating my research plan with others/different paradigms and I think it may have had a positive effect?

I think I'm starting to understand how academics get difficult. But I don't want to be one of the difficult ones. Just let a little leak out hither and thither.

Hmm I think I have a reasonable research plan sketched out. Interesting how thinking my way through personality traps has guided this. I mean, uh, it's very pure and methodological.

struggling and stressing about how to celebrate upcoming spousal birthday, meanwhile I'm buying myself new theory books with gay abandon

I feel another big book order coming on... real soon :blobwhee:

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Wait! Gliffy is still free, as the Chrome extension. Yay!

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Like, I am increasingly having to be paperless (I just don't have the space, or a printer, and this place is a mess in any case), but where do I make infinitely large networks of boxes and arrows

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Er, when did Gliffy become not free? Sadface. What is my next port of call looking for Visio substitutes?

swears in journal articles 

Anyone have experience or opinions on putting the word "fuck" in a journal article, if it's a direct quote from a study participant?

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