I just got my first academic job since finishing my PhD in 2017, so I'm celebrating with a new account!

I'm interested in energy transitions and will be working on an electric vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial as social researcher.

I'm also into architectural science and questioning the ubiquity of engineered solutions to human comfort.

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@pelagikat thanks - looks interesting even if it's only peripherally relevant to the project (I'm trying to establish a habit of reading fairly widely)

@KatLH Your work sounds nifty --- of course, it's very far from anything I do, so I have nothing particular to say about it!

@bgcarlisle thanks! super pumped for some

@KatLH ooh, congratulations! Sounds like a great project, too.

@KatLH Congratulation!!! Getting your first academic job is a great accomplishment. But now, while the fun begins, the real work begins. Work on on behalf of your students and balance it with your research.

@esuess thank you, and good advice. I definitely like to see academics putting their students first.

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