Reminder that being a beginner or just not very good at something is not only fine, it's extremely cool 😎

@KatLH you saying cool reminded me to tell you that I talk about your research on temperature identities ALL the time

@Cyborgneticz lol I was talking about your stuff last night - my colleague was telling me she's writing a novel with themes of care and vulnerability and I'm like, you know who's cool

@Cyborgneticz same. I hope she finishes it. Shame she has to do academic writing now, using up all her writing juice

@KatLH nooooo creative writers should get time off for their creative work

@Cyborgneticz everyone should get sabbatical to do whatever they fancy

@KatLH true.
I wish I could get sabbatical. sabbatical after 1 year that's a thing right

@Cyborgneticz I don't see why not. Because everyone was already doing stuff before they started doing a thing.

@KatLH true. I don't think a high school would let me.
maybe...after a minute...idk.

@Cyborgneticz they definitely should do something like that, to try and keep people in the vocation

@KatLH for sure, cause it's year 1 and I'm about ready to die.
if I didn't have other interests that require me to focus on them, I'd expire

@KatLH corollary: you don't get good at something without being bad at it first

@WizardOfDocs we could even argue that being bad at something is the best way to be good at it

@KatLH Traducción:
Recordatorio de que ser un principiante o simplemente no muy bueno en algo no sólo está bien, sino que es extremadamente genial 😎

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