@KatLH I get culture shock every time I see a glimpse into how cishet households function. In my house 50% of the women have the job of getting onto the roof and cleaning the solar panels, but no men ever do it! @Cyborgneticz

@futzle @Cyborgneticz I know right! In our cishet house we seem to always be reversing trad roles.

@KatLH @futzle @Cyborgneticz heheh, in our trans household our roles may look surprisingly traditional.

my spouse (transmasc with no earlier skills (because of uprising)) is eager to do everything requiring tools, and the result is often that I (transfem with earlier skills but no eagerness to use them) have to step in and fix their mishaps. :P

@KatLH @Cyborgneticz this is fascinating! i hadn't considered the idea of the privatization of electric grid maintenance, ty for giving me something to think about. Also if you aren't familiar with them, you might be interested in themaintainers.org

@archivist thank you! I haven't followed the maintainers for a while, so thanks for reminding me!

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