Veg box came with a cauliflower this week and I'm feeling very uninspired. Anyone got any good cauli recipes?

I love the contraction "I'ma" because the "a" stands for "going to", two full words neither of which contain the letter "a"

Hi and the wider Fedi, are you a legal scholar or attorney that has informed takes on Clarence Thomas' expressed views on substantive due process (or do you know someone that does)? If so, I would very much like to interview you (or them) for an upcoming episode of my podcast.

If you're in the Seattle area (for an in-person conversation) that's better, but remote works as well.

I am once again reminding everyone that you can do direct action AND ALSO vote in elections (especially for state, county, and local candidates and measures!)

My favorite O Brother, Where Are Thou? trivia is that George Clooney had his Kentuckian dad record all his lines so that Clooney could listen to and memorize them with the proper accent. When Clooney showed up for filming and started saying his lines, the Coens were like "dude what is wrong with you, why aren't you saying the swears?" and that is when Clooney realized his dad had substituted all the swears with gosh darns and shoots.

Shoutout to the student who submitted their creative writing thesis with the following keywords:

funny, comedy, comedic, short stories, sex, love, danger, mailman, fiction, superhero, fun, pegging, best thesis in town, gay, priest, CYO, penis, butthole, Utz, railroad, cool, awesome, amazing, talented, America, drag, action, iconic, friendship, buggery, sodomy, joy, too many keywords let's see if this gets me in hot water with the brass,

But also I think you could sell a lot of cards that say "Thinking of you while you wait" and have a nice design on them. There are many times in life when you just have to do so much waiting.

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Did a talk on presenting at conferences today and got to roll out my award winning contribution, “How to actually get to speak to other people at a conference when you’ve lucked out and been stuck with just a poster.”

The goal is to solve the problem, not to get revenge on those who caused it.

I'm currently researching feminist hacker groups around the world for an episode for the podcast of the german hacker group @haecksenC. First research has proven a little difficult, so maybe you people on mastodon could help me out: Do you know feminist hacker groups in non german speaking countries? Do you know someone who does? please boost! :boost_ok:

A pixel-art-based interactive journal of a guy who's currently walking the Appalachian Trail. He seems to update pretty frequently.

Remember when the internet was this fun all the time?

How can we use each other's differences in our common battles for a livable future? - Audre Lorde

It's maddening that it's possible to sing "Somebody once told me/The world's gonna roll me/I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed" to the tune of the first part of "My Heart Will Go On" but after that, it doesn't scan at all 😡

I am the very model of a rhyming couplet generator
But sometimes I must admit they don't make sense refrigerator

harmful code, transphobia 

"...and consequently carries disproportionate risk for trans people subject to it. In addition, I use the dearth of discussion of this in HCI papers that apply AGR to discuss how HCI operationalises gender, and the implications that this has for the field's research. I conclude with recommendations for alternatives to AGR, and some ideas for how HCI can work towards a more effective and trans-inclusive treatment of gender." (3/3)

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harmful code, transphobia 

"...Given the long-running critiques of HCI for failing to consider and include transgender (trans) perspectives in research, and the potential implications of AGR for trans people if deployed, I sought to understand how AGR and HCI understand the term "gender", and how HCI describes and deploys gender recognition technology. Using a content analysis of papers from both fields, I show that AGR consistently operationalises gender in a trans-exclusive way..." (2/n)

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harmful code, transphobia 

"Automatic Gender Recognition (AGR) is a subfield of facial recognition that aims to algorithmically identify the gender of individuals from photographs or videos. In wider society the technology has proposed applications in physical access control, data analytics and advertising. Within academia, it is already used in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) to analyse social media usage..." (1/n)

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harmful code, transphobia 

'The Misgendering Machines: Trans/HCI Implications of Automatic Gender Recognition' is a really good paper on why predicting gender like this is harmful, so it can be today's @oneabstractaday

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harmful code, transphobia 

GenderAPI, a service which claims it can predict gender from names and email addresses, is up and running again.

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