Job announcement (Assoc. Prof. Bioinformatics, Oslo, Norway) 

Unique Associate Professor opportunity: help strengthen Bioinformatics research at the Univ. of Oslo, shape the new Centre for Bioinformatics, become my colleague and help me set up the best Bioinformatics education in Norway!

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I am surprised to be impressed by Microsoft's Academic Search ( Shows the citation network really, really well - cited & citing references. The AI-driven semantic search found a whole new set of vocabulary (leading to a new set of literature) for me.

I use Jupyter notebooks for prototyping, especially figs, but they are a nightmare if you don’t understand pros/cons & caveats [same conceptual arguments for why GUI for Matlab is bad ] and these slides by Joel Grus are hilarious on the matter:

Question about the Masto backend for people who know more about Masto than I do 

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I directly edited the "username" column in my development instance database. It seems to have worked just fine with no unintended side effects. (hopefully a production instance would have the same behavior). Someone recently mentioned wanting to be able to do this over on GitHub, so maybe the feature will be available to users in later releases.

“<details></details>” on github is really nice for writing a course with clickable solutions. See


(Is this an accepted way to toot a tweet?)

Hi community! I set up my account with a capital L at the start of my username. Is there a way to change that to lowercase?

I am a Senior Lecturer (‘Førstelektor’) at the Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo. I am also head of education and training for the Centre for Bioinformatics, Dept. of Informatics, Univ. of Oslo.

I am a Software Carpentry instructor, teaching computational lab skills to scientists in the Nordic countries. I am an advocate of open source software, and reproducible computational biology.

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