Book Review: Mexican Gothic 

This is a richly detailed, super suspenseful, sexy, horror filled, and twisting read! A refreshingly original take on the classic gothic horror. Worth the read. ๐Ÿ–ค ๐Ÿ„

Book Review: Me (Moth) 

Like a Phantom Limb...

...this piece will stay with me forever.

Me (Moth) is a beautiful sweeping novel inverse. Its richness in both Hoodoo and Navajo (Dinรฉ) tradition and creation story give a depth like no other. There are so many lines that spark beauty in the mind,

"Honey, you can keep me forever, like a phantom limb." (4 stars)

Book Review: The Mermaid of Jeju 

"Salty, Sweet, & Wild"

4 star

This novel flickers from magical to harrowing as it illustrates the lives of real mermaids, haenyeo, and the perils of occupation around the 1950's. This was a refreshing glimpse on the Korean perspective of America and Japan infiltration, the strength of women, and the courage to love.

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