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📢 VI Jornada de la Mujer Investigadora: Ética para una ciencia igualitaria :boost_requested:

📲 Online y presencial

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📆 Miércoles 18 mayo, 9:30-13:30 (GMT+2)

10:30h (GMT+2) 🔬 "Ética en la investigación: buenas prácticas científicas" por Pilar Goya Laza (EuChemS)

12:00h (GMT+2) ♀️ "Comisiones de Igualdad, ¿por dónde empiezo?" por Silvia Gallego Queipo (ICMM-CSIC)

12:45h (GMT+2) 🗣 Debate con las ponentes + componente del Equipo de Igualdad del ICMol

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🗣 Estoy en la organización de una jornada sobre "Ética para una Ciencia Igualitaria" (detalles abajo).

👩🏽‍🔬 ⚗️ Tenemos conferencias de dos expertas (Pilar Goya Laza y Silvia Gallego Queipo), y estamos juntando preguntas para la mesa redonda.

¿Qué preguntaríais a expertas en en , y en particular sobre temas de ?

📆 Mié, 18 mayo, 9:30-13:30 (GMT+2)
📲 Online
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Hello there! 🧬 Biochemist and 🖥️ R programmer from speaking. I like reading sci-fi & fantasy and watching TV shows. Feminisms and . Hope to meet like-minded people and see many cat's pics :BlobCatHeart:

El cofundador de Youtube y Elon haciendo chistecitos sobre el acoso sexual y la horda de fans defendiéndolo y haciendo más chistecitos me está dando ganas de vomitar.

Not sure folk are aware that using Google fonts by URL in their CSS undermines the privacy of each and every site visitor, sending their IP to GG with every visit. How? Because with each visit they download the font from GG, not your server.

If you will use GG fonts, don't do this

@import url('[...]

Download that font, and resource it locally instead

@font-face {
font-family: FontName';
font-style: normal;
src: url('../fonts/FontName.woff2');

María Salmerón: “No estoy preparada mentalmente para entrar en prisión” | La jueza le da 16 días para entrar voluntariamente en la cárcel tras la denegación del indulto por parte del Ministerio de Justicia.

3 years after SpaceX is said to have paid a former employee $250,000 over Elon Musk's sexual misconduct, women at Musk's companies continue to complain about inappropriate behavior.


Women are often erased from history books. These scientific innovations were previously unacknowledged and sometimes credited to men.

We think that it’s time for these women to (finally!) get their flowers. 👏


9min podcast (+transcript) on the 12th of the 15 FAIR principles, R1. Metadata for reusing vs finding. Query understanding vs content understanding. Metadata hydration.


NEW: In the crypto economy, the 1% is old news.

.01% of bitcoin holders hold 27% of all bitcoin! That’s 100x the wealth concentration of the regular economy.

Crypto, which was supposed to decentralize wealth and power, has just made it worse. We investigate with


¡Hay en proceso un proyecto para darle electricidad a la Cañada de Madrid a través de placas solares! Aquí esta toda la info del proyecto, hay varios regalos por participación según el dinero. :blobheart:

RT @c_reusken: @ECDC_EU EVD_LabNet: Wide capacity, range of lab techniques, in EU for detection #monkeypox virus. Orange dots represent locations with such capacity. a.o @RIVM @RKI_de @Olli_Vapalahti @MarionKoopmans
See: to browse our capacity directory, contact info.



Information on the outbreak of #monkeypox in EU/EEA.
Detailed information on the number of cases, symptoms and #ECDC recommendations in the thread below.

ECDC is following the developments closely, a Rapid Risk Assessment will be published early next week.

RT @ECDC_Outbreaks: #JustPublished!
Press release: #Monkeypox cases reported in UK and Portugal.

Read full:


ALERT: Thunderbird's new Import/Export wizard just landed in Daily for those of you who want to help the community test this new feature!

We're ridiculously excited about Thunderbird 102 and can't wait for you to see it. More good info and release timing here:

Ha muerto Vangelis, compositor de las bandas sonoras de ‘Carros de fuego’ y ‘Blade Runner’ 😢 #cine #scifi #musica #vangelis

LiberaForms is a free open source online form system. You can follow at:

➡️ @liberaforms

The project's website is at offers form services from their own website, or you can self-host the software if you prefer.

#LiberaForms #LiberaForm #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SelfHosting #CommunityHosting #Form #Forms

10% of americans do not wear their seat belt when they drive and those people make up 50% of all car crash related deaths in the entire country.

This is what happens when your country runs on the idea of rugged individualism.


BREAKING: #ExtinctionRebellion taking action to prevent the #AfricaEnergiesSummit dinner at Heddon Street Kitchen in London from going ahead.

The gala dinner is sponsored by #Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfields services provider.

My novelette "Broad Dutty Water: a Sunken Story" is on the top ten shortlist for the 2022 Locus Awards; congratulations to everyone on the list!

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