Creativity is the recombination of familiar things in an unfamiliar way.

Think beyond conventional boundaries and categories, loosen up associations and make remote connections between and within categories.

It usually works best when you're having fun doing it, which is why we often tend to misinterpret creative processes as goofing around aimlessly.

I may *very* soon drop a guest blog post on the blog of my supervisor, which has been making the rounds on Daily Nous in the recent past. It will touch on the current crisis and how we can(not) make sense of it. I'm very excited to be included in the conversation! :BlobCat:

Descartes: "You have the power of the will. You can make something of yourself. Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps!"

Spinoza (aside): "I am going to end this man's whole individualist ideology."

Saying "Why would I have any incentive without money" about creating a vaccine for a probable global epidemic is just... fascinating in its egocentrism.

"There must be a human estate that demands no sacrifice." ~Theodor Adorno

Does anyone know good introductory readings about queer time/queer temporality? Or perhaps classic publications that deal with the topic and are widely appreciated?

Frustration with Marx scholarship 

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Frustration with Marx scholarship 

Damn I'm glad I got off the "Doing everything from first principles" train and learnt how to respect that other people have already done a lot of the things I wanted to.

Hi, everyone! I am a philosophy student and I am currently in the process of writing my MA thesis on the topic of Spinoza and social engineering. My further research interests include the history of modern philosophy, Marxist theory, and critical theory. Feel free to follow me! 😀

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