our in person meetings are being postponed indefinitely. we hope to be able to resume our regular meetings later this season, but only time will tell how everything goes
stay safe and practice mutual aid lovely lil mycelia.

due to public health concerns we will not be meeting this month. Please follow us or sign up for the newsletter to be notified of our next meeting date

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i have yet to see a lot of flower/plant activity around here yet, but ...
i found this super cool lil piece of lichen today with really prominent apothecia (fungal reproductive structures)!

Our next meeting will be March 17th, and we will be discussing Part I of Paul Stamets' book Mycelium Running.

We'll be in the community room at Festival Foods on E Wash at 6pm. This meeting is free and open to the public. We have partnered with Room of One's Own to source copies of the book, so if you can grab it from them you will get a 10% discount. Check out the website for more info madisonmycologicalsociety.com/

Hi y'all! We are a non-profit in devoted to spreading awareness and love of fungi in all their forms. We lead forays twice a month during the growing season (May-Oct), as well as monthly meetings on various fungal topics. These events are open to the public, but you can support our organization by becoming a paid member or volunteering. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events on the social medias or signing up for our newsletter madisonmycologicalsociety.com.

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