This study was so well done. Great controls, study size of *100,000*.

Any additional studies focusing on HCQ for covid19 should be stopped immediately for ethical reasons.

"The mortality in the control group was 9.3%. The mortality in the chloroquine group was 16.4%. The mortality in the chloroquine plus macrolide group was 22.2%. The mortality in the hydroxychloroquine group was 18%. And the mortality in the hydroxychloroquine plus macrolide group was 23.8%."

@MahoganyandMemory We already knew this though.

This drug family is interesting in vitro but ineffective in vivo for this family of viruses. And it has significant complications.

We already knew all this. It was criminal to try it as a treatment.


WORD. HCQ *definitely* should not have been prescribed as it was, and it's also pretty fucking horrifying that 15,000 people were administered this untested, unproven drug with known side effects.

also this other study on HCQ began two weeks ago should stop now and I'm trying to figure out if it's been canceled yet.

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