I am Black, queer, nonbinary, & an unabashed people person. MD/PhD student in NYC; trying to escape with my sanity & ethics intact. Learning to value kindness over cleverness.

Lots of boosts & personal posts here; to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Listing some things I like until I reach the character limit: tarot, storytelling, video games, worldbuilding, non-vocal music, sci-fi/fantasy (esp from people often erased from our vision of the future), plants, & you (probably).

@MahoganyandMemory you've got a fun set of interests. I want to ask you about worldbuilding but I've got to figure out a good question to ask about it first I suppose.

@MahoganyandMemory I finished Akata Witch recently and am starting with Akata Warrior! I loved Binti but it was too short seemed to end abruptly.

@MahoganyandMemory hello and welcome to the Fediverse! I defended my science PhD in late 2017, and I gotta applaud you for going for the double doctor title - - I thought I'd never make it to end of mine, and here you are, casually doing double the work! AWESOME! :blobaww:

@MahoganyandMemory heeeeey.
I JUST read a lil queer feminist sci-fi novel from the 90s and the author said 'all sci-fi is about - are women people - so I wrote a novel about it' you might like it! Ammonith

@ItsJenNotGabby def not sure yet! about to start third year. looking at family medicine and psychiatry

@MahoganyandMemory hello! "learning to value kindness over cleverness" is also the main thing I am trying to do in graduate school, it is very hard

@MahoganyandMemory So wipe those first 3 and the MD/PhD student and NYC; and then you could just put the rest of the stuff in. Also I'm in Finland but from the states originally.

(Tho I do like some vocal music, it depends. I like music. Vocals are an instrument. Or should be. (: )

Anyway hi, mind if I follow, as well... we seem to have similar interests and different backgrounds?

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