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I'm a doctoral researcher in , and I plan to test sluice-model of argument flow from periphery to core.

I'm also interested in and in general.

Non-academic interests include server administration & service hosting, video games.

This is not my first account in the Fediverse, but this time I want to make full use of the "local timeline" feature. (:

So, for 4, when? It's all that's keeping me from pre-ordering. 😁 @Fairphone :boost_requested:

Anyone can help me to buy a computer? What features do you think are mandatory and recommended? AMD vs Intel CPU? Minimum RAM? The only requirement: it could be linux friendly.

So Nvidia GPU bannef

Erhöhte Hardware-Anforderungen von Windows 11 sorgen derzeit für viel Diskussionen, da einige erst kürzlich gekaufte Systeme diese nicht erfüllen.

Dagegen sind die Hardware-Anforderungen der #OpenSource #Betriebssysteme moderat und können daher älterer Hardware zu Software mit aktuellem Patchstatus verhelfen. Für Desktop-Oberflächen gibt es darüber hinaus Alternativen mit explizit geringem Ressourcenbedarf.
So verbinden sich IT-Sicherheit und Nachhaltigkeit.

#BSI #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Picard perspective tip: In another reality, there is an alternate version of you who is envious of what you have accomplished.

Original tweet :

"Der zwanglose Zwang des dominanten Standards". Michael Seemann (2021): "Die Macht der Plattformen" (21.8%)

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The "forceless force of the dominant standard" – love that quote. So dense and so Habermasian, hehe.

Reading about the digital public sphere is often so frustrating… authors would generally see and acknowledge the platform problematic, and sometimes even demand that they must be *shaped*… but they lack any vision *how*. Centralisation is not even identified as a problem.

So, for 4, when? It's all that's keeping me from pre-ordering. 😁 @Fairphone :boost_requested:

Picard management tip: If your team is outstanding, have a camera crew chronicle your work and stream it on Netflix.

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As #Signal has had severe problems recently due to its centralised nature, here are some decentralised libre alternatives with Fediverse accounts:

➡️ @snikket_im - Initiative to give XMPP a consistent look and feel on instances and apps, to make it more attractive to new users

➡️ @xmpp - XMPP standards foundation

➡️ @delta - Decentralised messaging through email

➡️ @matrix - Best known for the Element client

➡️ @briar - Peer-to-peer encrypted messaging

➡️ @Jami - Peer-to-peer Skype alternative

Uh, I received my first payout. It's not much, but actually more than I expected.

Does anyone have a good workflow for converting articles & blog posts on the web to epub (preferred) or pdf for later reading on an ereader?

Anyone here visiting the conference ("Kongress") of the right now? Attending "Suddenly online. Political and digital technologies in the " right now.


Spätestens durch die Hochwasserereignisse ist die Bedeutung von Backups wieder deutlich geworden.

Informationen zur Datensicherung stellt das #BSI bereit:

Für die Sicherung durch und von Backups gilt es unter Anderem folgende Regeln zu beachten:
👉 Erstellung von drei Kopien, eine im System selbst plus zwei weitere Backups
👉 Nutzung von zwei verschiedenen Medientypen
👉 Räumlich getrennte Lagerung der Kopien

#EinfachaBSIchern #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

Picard civics tip: If there is one truth, one constant that history shows us over and over, it is that resistance is never futile.

Original tweet :

In my introduction I wrote that I like to host services and do programming stuff in my freetime… well, not any more! Since last month I'm (also) employed as a developer and it's great. 😍

Someone on Twitter mentioned that in some regions of Germany, a common idiom for whenever there's mist in the forest is "The foxes are making coffee", and thought the image was evocative enough for an illustration.

Well, I took the bait! 🦊☕

#MastoArt #CreativeToot #Lineart

gender; pos. discrimination; personal 

I got rejected as a (replacement) discussant on a panel – due to my gender. Ouch. But it's good to make that experience.

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