I'm a statistical seismologist in 🇪🇺 at (, ).

I analyze with , , and in projects—to advance -ing.

About me:
◦ PhD in /#risk & .
◦ Curious about all things related to /#research (from the human genome to climate change to distant neutron stars)
◦ Proponent of and
◦ Contributing to various projects

@Marcus Next one for my science bubble.

Welcome to the fediverce.

Hi and welcome.
Would you be Interested in contributing wacky ideas about exoplanets seismology to FreeOrion ?

@lienrag Sure. What kind of wacky aspects do you have in mind? That an exoquake may split the planet in half?
Recalling analyses of :
and :
they are exceptional by 1) typically shaking longer (more scattering) and 2) more often being meteoroid impacts (thinner atmosphere).

You may get more inspiration here:
Quite impressive: a can reach magnitudes >11—impossible on earth.


Hi again.
To be more practical, what whacky Planet Specials could I create from Exoplanet tectonics ideas ?
I mean, things that would help life on it¹, or hinder it, or allow to harness energy, or help/hinder space travel from it, or have some Research value ?

¹ Note that we have Lithic metabolism species in FreeOrion.


Also, what wacky effect on evolution could some patterns of exotectonic have, that would explain the particular evolution of some specific alien species ?

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