I’m currently using George Herbert Mead’s work to build the basis of my discussion of otherness in my project. Yet, I’m beginning to find his work, in a way, discongruent with the queer and phenomenological turn I’m going.

Would anyone have suggestions for elsewhere to look?

‪I’m rereading this while drafting and I’m realising that I cannot stress the importance that it has had on my trajectory. Looking back, it influenced my love of Milton and my writing style immensely. I’m honestly deeply indebted to these pages. ‬

Academics and grad students:

I'm interested in reaching out to grad students at my preferred MA program. I'm not sure how to do so or who to contact at said university. Any advice?

‪I’ve been thinking about my project. ‬

‪If Section I stays around 25 pages, Section II stays around 30, and Section III (being written now) ends up around 30, as I suspect, this will end up the length of a short MA thesis. ‬

‪I’m not quite sure what to make of that, since this is being done for fun. It’s a head trip tbh. ‬

‪Beginning to use a large sketch pad to lay out my argument and structure before writing has been *such* a productive change. I’m surprised and v excited by this. ‬

‪Also, y’know, aesthetic reasons. ‬

‪As I’m having difficulty getting Word to insert this without reformatting the entire document, enjoy William Blake’s interpretation of the Brothers driving out Comus. ‬

‪From the 1801 Thomas Set.‬
‪Object 6. ‬
‪Taken from: blakearchive.org

‪I had a breakthrough, in condensing and clarity at least, in my project last evening and after weeks of fighting and changes, I’d forgotten how nice this feels. ‬

‪I’m realising that if my one undergrad professor is typical of the field, then I want nothing to do with the field. There’s a slew of reasons for this and it’s a miserable, confining feeling. I suspect I need to sit and deconstruct this more but I really don’t want to face it. ‬

I’m looking at my current project and I’m realising that I don’t have anywhere near enough theoretical basis and explanation yet. I have a very good, principal chunk but need to tie it in with other theorists to wholly cover the, admittedly v focused, scope of my piece. With that said, I’ve always had difficulty judging the length of these sections, especially since this is much longer then my other pieces (70-80 pages).

Are there general guidelines for this? Rules of thumb?

‪Lately, I’ve begun noticing that I get an urge to work and write more productively, especially on my large projects, around 9pm, and while this was great during college, it is deeply inconvenient schedule wise now. ‬

‪For those who write regularly, how have you handled similar scenarios? Did you alter your schedule? Retrain your urges? Other options?‬

I’ve been talking to an Early Modern scholar I befriended on the bird site about grad work and imposter syndrome and the like ands message tonight hit me so hard tbh. They affirmed my ability, were honest about the field and employment, talked about following your dreams in spite of that, offered personal anecdotes.

After years of doubt and confusing answers, this is wonderful to hear 😭💙

I'm reading a piece where the author describes Milton's and Diodati's relationship as the equivalent of a bromance, which may have parodied marriage, and while Milton was certainly 'straight' insofar as the period dictated, I'm quite bothered by this argument.

I currently have accounts in two instances: here and mastodon.social. Still figuring out how/why to use each, but thinking I’ll talk more about academic stuff here and frivolous stuff there. Anyone have tips on handling accounts in multiple instances?


I’m an English and philosophy undergrad, one class shy of graduation. I’m planning on an eventual PhD. I’m interested in the relationship of queerness and religion in Early Modern texts, especially Milton, whose “A Mask” is my principal critical focus this far. I’m also interested in the overlap of Otherness, religion, and theories of the monstrous.

I’m looking forward to my time here.

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