Sent first draft - September 2016
Manuscript accepted - May 2018
Returned for review after language editing - November 2019
Today recieved the paper with two additional 'minor points' from the language editor

Got a paper for review, and itäs apparantly from the 'maybe we can put together these leftover findings and pubish another paper'.


Contributing data on Israel to international comparisons can really bring you down sometimes

Reviews requested from me: What's up? why are you so late? It's been a week already! The other reviewers have submitted their reviews, like, ages ago!

Reviews to my papers: Chill, bro... It's only six month... Why you so hurry?

Yet another quantitative paper to review, yet another comment on correlation not implying causation

sharing my research 

I'm really satsified with this piece I just wrote

@socrates question, if I may: I planned on using this account to toot highlights from academic papers I'm reading, as it helps me focus on the paper and may be of interest to others.

do you think it will be acceptable here? thanks

Hi everyone! Just joined, I'm a senior lecturer (~associate professor) in the Faculty of Social Work, Ashkelon Academic College, Israel. My areas of interests are social policy, and specifically social policy towards fathers.

I'm also at @NadavPV for non-academic stuff.

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