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long intro thread 

Good morning!
I am a retired home educating parent (of 18 years) of 4 children who had varying special educational needs who have now moved on to school and college.
I studied at for a BA in Scandinavian Studies in the 90s, but did not finish the degree for various reasons including undiagnosed/ untreated ADHD.

I've also started a number of other courses including a Combined Social Sciences degree with the


I just discovered a few days ago and I love the idea of it! Is there anybody here who can speak it? I want to learn! Mi wile sona toki pona!

Image description: Screenshot from
A man with a turban and a beard asks to translate:
"Mi estas komencanto"
"I am a beginner" 😊

I seem to have locked my account (have I?) How did I do that? How do I undo it?

😄 this reminds me of childhood misunderstandings of the words to prayers and hymns 😊

I really love . It is enabling me to pursue multiple languages simultaneously in a way that I had previously wanted to but failed.
My only criticism is that there is no opportunity to write down vocabulary or sentences, which I need. is slightly better in that respect.

@ordabchao mi lernas esperanto @ duolingo 😊
(I've just started about a month ago, going slowly. But it's something I've wanted to do for ages because my Dad loved Esperanto.)

I am currently enjoying a by the American Museum of Natural History on on the topic of (a topic I missed out on due to my fundamentalist religious upbringing)

How we produce language reliably is tricky enough, but how do people who are fluent in multiple languages keep them straight? This paper from 2016 compared neural activity in individuals fluent in both a spoken and sign language. The anterior cingulate (ACC) is an area that is very involved in error monitoring, task switching, goal maintenance, and similar processes; and in these tasks, it was specific for whichever language they had to respond in.

The questions I had most difficulties with were the ones that asked how other people perceive me. I have absolutely no idea.

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I just scored 188 (very high) on the RAADS-R test. Not conclusive of course, and some of the questions did not have options that applied. I am waiting for a re-Assessment. Previously I was told I can't be Autistic because I made eye contact during the Assessment. 😕
definitely affects the presentation though.
If I am not Autistic I'd like to know why I struggle so profoundly socially. (I always think I'm good at the social game until I have no friends.) 😕

Oh, Antisemitism again. Having to use my block button much more than I ever expected to have to do here. 😣

I think that has made it much more difficult recently to concentrate generally, for reading and even watching TV 😣

Oh, and I'm also attempting to make up for a less than brilliant school , having been a conscientious for most of my last 2 years. Miraculously I turned up to the exams and passed everything apart from which, alone, was coursework based. (Those were the days!) 😊

I also try to include a kind of calming introductory practice I call every day:
• Secular alternative to (I'm still working on developing this)


Never a dull moment 😊
But also I'm continuing the basic schedule we used to have when I was home educating.

Monday schedule:




/ Civics & Government

Obviously I don't study anything really in-depth, just trying to keep my mind active. People with can be more prone to later.
Trying to be an 😊

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