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Hallew! I'm Jack, and I'm studying history and linguistics at St. Olaf College.

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When I was working on my PhD I was afraid GRRM would finish The Winds of Winter before I finished my dissertation, because that would ruin my dissertation.

That was more than two years ago now. I earned my PhD and The Winds of Winter still hasn't come out.

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Yesterday I saw a whipped cream smudge on a friend's caf tray. I thought it looked like a dancing man, but my mom thought it looked like the backside of a prancing doggo.

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Welp, I slept through my first class yesterday, and my other three classes have been canceled because of road conditions. Just another lovely day in MN.

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Country home
Take me road
To the long
Ivy place
Western Mama
Mountain Gina
Take the wheel
Jesus Christ

Missed my connection flight. That'll teach me to wear headphones ever again. Thankfully I've been rebooked to the next flight at 21:30, so with any luck I'll make the last bus back to campus at 23:00.

Tomorrow begins my first ever TA job. Here’s to an interesting semester!

A good feeling: realizing a film/book/other work is good and/or coming to enjoy it after initial dislike

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