Yeah I didn't realize how much of a nerd/loser I was until I started getting really excited when talking about philosophy of AI, which then prompted my friends to repeatedly tell me to STFU.

It's 5:13 AM (and also Christmas morning!), so naturally I commit myself to reading a plethora of dense and convoluted articles on Cognitive Science...

me: one day i'd love to be financially stable and adopt several teenaged children

also me: *seeking a career in academia*

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Just as gays stole the rainbow from God, leftists have stolen mastodon from the tech Bros

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@PhilDork Just got engaged to my boyfriend of 2.5 years the other day, as it were 👬🏳️‍🌈♂️♂️

@logarithmic_function Biology, for the most part, does not influence my philosophy; not because I think it is unimportant, but rather because my knowledge of it is severely limited, thus I cannot bear genuine claim to knowledge about it without being disingenuous. As for your "Bonus Question", I'm not sure. To engage in any discussion about the nature of consciousness the Biologist will have to make, either implicitly or explicitly, an ontological claim and/or metaphysical world view.

Okay. This site is golden. Twitter has been defeated.

@RedBard Moreover, unlike humans (so I believe), robots/AI do not possess Qualia, nor do they possess "felt" or "qualitative" experiences and as so the relationship would be fundamentally distinct from relationships that exist between humans, as participants in "normal" human/sentient relationships are able to acknowledge each other's "felt" experiences through observation of speech acts, external acts and behaviours (i.e. crying, laughing), and so forth. I'm not sure such is the case with AI

@RedBard However, based on the former claim - the presumption that /if/ a robot were to hold equal emotional and logical intelligence to a human - and we accept the Three Laws, I personally think it is ethical, so long as it does not impede on the liberty or wellbeing of others, which it likely won't. Questions arise, however, as to whether such a relationship is as "natural" or "genuine" as a relationship existing between two human and/or sentient beings

@RedBard Based on the latter claim, I am not entirely sure the intelligence robots hold is analogous to that of an intelligent human. There is a conceptual distinction to be made between the ability of robots/AI to be able to /function/ at a supreme level and bearing claim to "intelligence"

I wrote virtue theory but I meant to write Theory of Value?? Being trash is difficult in this economy

SOMEONE PLEASE talk to me about philosophy all my friends hate me now because I never shut up about it

Hey hey! I am an undergraduate student from Canada studying Philosophy, and eventually I will be completing a minor in Cognitive Science as well. I'm not entirely sure what to say here? I like philosophy of mind, philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, feminist philosophy, and just about every aspect of virtue theory! Just looking for discussion partners concerning anything philosophy/politics/critical race theory/etc. :)

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