We need to reevaluate accreditation to enable innovation while retaining quality

Is it weird I feel that I need to be taught how to tweet.. Errr.. Toot

I'm too likely to put my foot in my mouth

Does anybody know of BBS for academic discourse? Something more intimate the reddit and with deeper discussions than can take place on mastadon

Wondering about the academic merit of "The singularity". Any insight?

Musings on the 2nd amendment 

Based on the US Constitution, accounting for modernization and the purpose of the right to bear arms, I propose that cryptography in programs is an essential tool to prevent oppression of the people just as much as guns

Does anybody know of University programs that allow full self study, and then simply taking a final? Similar to CLEP but for upper level courses

Where do researchers and tinkerers hang out online?

Perhaps it is because we don't teach logic, that mathematics seems disjointed from reality for many students. I propose logic should be as elementary in education as arithmetic, and then used at higher levels to teach simple coding (not to make them computer scientists, but to teach them computers can be an omnitool to empower them), statistics, and reasoning in every other discipline

With the advent of technology that can involve itself in any human endeavor, shouldn't we put psychologist at the forefront of health, to help us cope with rapid change and the metaphysical questions that are no longer simply the domain of thought?

Would a call for DRM free Ebooks fall on deaf ears? 

I have access to many many e-books through my University, but I can't really read them at my leisure. In order to read them I need to install a proprietary app that doesn't run on my Nook (E ink definitely wins out over a digital display). I would love to read books on say, neural networks or quantum computing while I go about my day. However, since I can't bring them with me, and I'm not busting out my laptop to read, it's not an option.

Statistics should be a foundation of modern primary education

I can't help but think games like Civlization and Democracy could actually be used to teach societal principals to children

What are peoples opinions on micro leaning apps. Things like duolingo and Google Primer. Do you suppose they actually work?

It seems that China can't export its culture while hiding behind the great firewall. It's a shame their rich history can't mix openly with global values. I am sure both sides would benefit...

Since education requires a lot of resources to acquire, and jobs within academia are scarce to begin with, do you think that higher education entrenches itself in a structure that makes it more difficult to access in order to maintain the status of those who have already acquired it?

Where's the best place to start getting news with a global perspective? Other than standard USA news providers

Is getting a Ph.D. realistic while maintaining a family?

Is it possible to go from an online B.S. to a PhD? Who do I even get references from?

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