Hello to everyone! My name is Vellen, you can call me Velle. I'm starting a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus on Advanced Trauma Informed Counseling soon. In my spare time I read, study the worst of humanity, listen to music/podcasts, and learn other topics of interest as I am interested in them. I will be posting thoughts about various topics I know about and what I am learning currently. As well as posts about serial killers and other criminals.

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On a more personal front, I am ND, and have a suite of other issues I deal with daily. I enjoy watching hockey and playing strategy games. I have a nasty habit of learning most of a language just to move onto other things and forgetting it.

@PsychologyVellen Welcome! I'm super excited to read your posts. I've been teaching the Milgram Experiment (and get into the when people said no) repeatedly to students and yeh

@Cyborgneticz The Milgram experiment is powerful for many reasons, for its results, implications, and the fact it was one of the major experiments that led to the Belmont Report (one of several). It's one of my favorites to use as a tool to teach about research methods!

@PsychologyVellen I often use it to encourage students to think of what ethical framework it could fit into, and what ethical approach would they use to critique it. I really love it. I feel like it's an effective tool for teaching in so many ways.

@Cyborgneticz It really is! I can definitely recommend a follow-up with the Belmont Report, it literally is the standard for ethical research with human subjects. They set forth almost all the restrictions on human research we use today, and in ethics, could be used as a model of ethical framing that is almost directly in response to Milgram.

@PsychologyVellen I'm going to check it out during my writing break! That sounds really good.
My focus this semester for my class is on the future, n we're reading a book on care ethics. I'm trying to do a lot of 'hey hey hey ethics is good!'

@Cyborgneticz Care ethics sounds fun as hecc. I went to a high school that offered a bioethics class which got me interested in Ethics. I'm an avid fan of ethical deliberation and understanding systems of ethics to create new modes of thinking in the current age. The future is something I don't try to anticipate :p

@PsychologyVellen Our glorious leader is a bioethicist!
I looove care ethics. It's a big part of my diss' critique of neoliberalism. But also, virtue ethics is so good too. I just love how care ethics values ordinary interactions. I feel it. Focusing on the future is just a good way to get students to imagine alternatives to neoliberalism - and to teach scifi novels 😎

@Cyborgneticz Right? It's depressing as hecc, and to me it feels like this isolation is beginning to undergo a form of commodification, if you will. Like, we can all identify with it and thus people use it for marketing like "If you feel alone buy X service!" and to me it feels like a neoliberal alienation made manifest.

@PsychologyVellen It definitely is doing a hyper capitalist dystopia rn.
We are like a few neon lights away from it being a cyberpunk dystopia.

@Cyborgneticz I think we all guessed wrong what cyberpunk is. We have the ability to have SVR glasses, we can implant things like nothing before. Maybe we don't have guns for hands, but that's not far off. I think the neon was an artifact people thought would stick that then didn't.

@PsychologyVellen I love some neon.
I have VNS, so I guess with the ability to jolt electricity into the brain and fix hearts we're pretty close. It's...interesting and by that I mean worrisome.
I'm getting hungry so coherency isn't great lmao waiting for my partner to bring me lunch

@Cyborgneticz VNS? I'm not familiar. But go get lunch first!! I just ate and have a dyad practice session. Hope they get it to you soon!

@PsychologyVellen it's a pacemaker for your brain. It's mostly for epileptics, but I also works for people with uncontrollable bipolar, depression, anxiety, and Maybe schizophrenia. I have epilepsy n bipolar that wasn't responsive to meds and after getting the electricity right it fixed shit (for the most part)

@Cyborgneticz That's actually super interesting! I didn't know that was a thing they could do now. I don't have either epilepsy or bipolar but I do have seizures of a kind. For me I just free in place and forget who I am and what's going on for a few minutes, then come back to normal. It's like being locked in Deja-vu.

@PsychologyVellen I used to get those for like 15 minutes sometimes. They're so stressful.

@bgcarlisle Had a night terror last night so that was painful. But I'm better now, working through my final assignments and then onto new adventures!

@bgcarlisle I'm a big fan of adventures. I have time between this one and the next for many in-between. Research, teaching myself new things, reading good books. I wish I could travel more haha

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