gave a lecture on some of my favorite topics gender and sex and rites of passage.

this is a pretty neat zine about Social Ecology. If you are interested in that topic and want a fun intro then check it out

how can I be awake so long but accomplish so little.

just throw me in the ol' meat grinder, if you please

I am doing some "citational" work on my upcoming research projects and writing. Trying to get rid of the reliance on theorists like Derrida (noted scumbag) and trying to include BIPOC theorists. Anyone got some leads on the must-read and must-cite?

did a career-thing that I was scared of. yay me.

AKA why isn't there more queered black metal, and why is everyone sleeping on how dancy black metal can be?

Why aren't there more bands like The Soft Pink Truth?

So I'm currently reading "The Unimaginable Mathematics of Borges' Library of Babel" and oh my God this fuckin guy

I am on the lookout for great contemporary ethnographies, social histories, anything related to contemporary environmental health and conservation, and anything cutting edge social theory. If any of y'all got recommendations, please let me know!

when you find a pocket in a bag or coat that you didn't know about even though you've had it for six months or so it's actually because you just levelled it up

I need a better office chair. I just tried to turn my head and thought my head was going to fall off. I'll add that to my list of bizarre ways that I could die in my office. In the event of my death I will my pile of empty coffee cups, water bottles, and purloined office supplies to my office mate, or to whichever faculty member can first call "dibs" on my good stuff (it is, none of it, good).

Howdy! I am Ramey Moore, and I am an anthropologist working on medical and environmental topics.

I like weird movies, art, music, but esp. spooky things and heavy metal.

I like knowing which ideas you use to think with.

Structures which emphasize the human, invite us to be good to one another and other living things, and systems that liberate us from violence are all things I like.

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