Minor pet peeve. Why do journal websites still insist on a "download citation" link instead of giving the option to just display copyable text on screen?

How many files containing a single reference, called "citation.bib" do you think I need, publishers??

people always get confused about what colorblindness feels like, for me its not that i cant recognize colors, like if i see red i know that its red, its more when colors are blended or next to each other, like for example if blue is next to purple or green is next to yellow its really hard to tell them apart

You realize strange things about words while meticulously writing them out, letter by letter, for a project.

Danger. Dangest. Most Dang.

Any anthropologists (or, honestly, like anyone who feels like it) on here wanna read and give me some feedback on a title and abstract?

The draft of my paper I'm looking at is nonsense. I must approach it like any pile of trash. Pick up one piece at a time and put it where it belongs.

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Making fun of southern accents is classist bullshit.

boost if you give goths permission to pose and take photos on your grave after you die

@byttyrs dear people who think GMOs are bad:

sheep were not naturally that fluffy. We modified their genes. "GMOs" have always existed, we just do it faster now. The problem is that companies like Monsanto use the tech to make supercrops that can't be replanted, and that trash the soil for anything else, so farmers get stuck re-buying the same overpriced Monsanto corn every season. And anyone not using GMO corn can't keep up.

In other words, the problem isn't GMOs, it's unregulated capitalism.

one day i'll understand deleuze's body without organs and then it's OVER for u binches

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watched a video of people removing barnacles from sea turtles. I have never felt more like a sea turtle.

some jerk kid broke my kid's scooter. what a jerk kid.

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