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Ooh, re-!

I’m Achintya, a Community Manager at The Alan Turing Institute. I’m also going to defend my doctoral thesis in a little under 40 days.

I have a background in science communication (also broadly the domain of my doctoral research) and have a fondness for physics.

I am originally from India, but now live in the UK, after having spent just over a decade in Switzerland.

Slightly longer intro over at

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Missed my talk on the and the ?

It’s not quite the same but here’s the episode of the podcast I was recently on, in which we spoke about , , fundamental research, the costs associated with it, why and how do we do this sort of research, and much more!

Feedback welcome; this was a new experience for me.

birdsite crosspost (nitter link): thread on burnout in academia 

seems like some decent advice here based on the neuroscience of burnout and somewhat consistent with my own experience

Post-viva thesis work, minor corrections 

Had a chat with my Director of Studies yesterday and we were both surprised by how few corrections/revisions I’ve been asked to make to the thesis.

If you are a PhD student in the UK and you're concerned about rising costs of living, there is an open letter you can sign calling for stipend increases in line with inflation (as well as other financial support for PhD students):

(Re)Introduction/Asking for support 

Hello everyone! I'm a Brazilian composer and music student. Recently I received the news that I was granted with a full scholarship to do a Master's degree in China (at Nanjing University of the Arts). Unfortunately the scholarship doesn't cover the flight from Brazil to China and even saving money and working hard I can't afford it. So, as a last resort, I decided to ask for support here. Any kind of support is welcomed: donations, jobs, etc. Details below >>

I wrote a feature for Physics World about my experience of the Higgs discovery announcement that happened almost exactly ten years ago:

COVID, {–} 

Still feeling miserable and tired, and have been mostly in bed sleeping, nearly a week after I first had symptoms.

Friends, nemeses, and everyone in between -
Summer/Winter School will be closing our submission for presenters soon!

If you have been on the fence about, now is the time.
We close July 1st

I'm very happy to announce that {chronicler}, an #RStats 📦 I've been working on for 3+ months is now available on CRAN! The following blog post introduces it very quickly:

Any of y'all have good examples of when a software team _isn't_ very diverse and it overlooks obvious features? (for examples a talk tomorrow morning!)

Bonus points if it's research software.

#introduction post!
👋 Hello! This profile will share news and updates from 'The Turing Way' - an open source, open collaboration, and community-driven project which maintains and expands The Turing Way handbook to reproducible, ethical and collaborative data science: #no-xp

Movies, science 

Finally watched last night and I was so uneasy during most of it. Enjoyable movie, but my word…

Happy birthday to us!

Today is the 5th anniversary of the launch of Scholar Social!


Going home on holiday is never a break, is it? There’s always obligations to fulfill on a short trip: Things To Do and People To See™.

In Argentina, rebel scientists went out universities in 5 cities to paste posters and raise awareness (Buenos Aires,Mar del Plata,Misiones,Córdoba,Rosario) and run a teach-in on the climate crisis, renewable energies & agroecology at Buenos Aires University. 18/

For a few years now, most of my long-form reading has been largely limited to academic stuff to the point where I have been struggling to read a Discworld novel for the last month or so.

Anyone else experience the same after submitting your thesis?

Etymologies, being “technically correct”, video calls 

Boss during a video meeting: “Why does no-one have their cameras on? Are you all in your pyjamas?”

Me, a scholar (but also an Indian): “AKSHULLY, that word comes from the Persian term for ‘leg garment’ and refers to formal leg-wear in the South-Asian subcontinent, so I will say that I _am_ wearing pyjamas, but I’ll leave it open to interpretation.”

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