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Hi everyone! Which are your recommended readings on intersectional feminism and technology?

Politics, Bolivia 

I'm back to this beautiful place , where I should be more often.

Has any of you started a PhD in a different discipline than the one you studied before? How did you survive?

I switched from environmental sciences to STS and it's still a struggle...

Meta, content warnings, new Mastodon peeps 

For the purposes of this exercise let us imagine a procession of Umberlands, beginning with the 1st Umberland, followed by the 2nd Umberland, extending to an arbitrary Umberland we shall call the

Do I need to use this microphone? 


Just listened to an incredible talk by Professor Katie Bouman, who took us through the journey of taking the first ever photo of a .

I won’t lie, I cried.

#Geneva, public transport, complaint 

PhD chat 

“The night is beautiful” / « La nuit est belle » / Swearing 

“The night is beautiful” / « La nuit est belle » 

“The night is beautiful” / « La nuit est belle » 

#CERN, #LHC, photo of scientific equipment 

open access feelings 

Scientific conference poster sessions: what you need to do.
Step 1: Remember to bring your poster with you.
Step 2: Make sure it's securely fixed to the board.
Step 3: Stand nearby in case someone has questions.

Rapid decay of the academic web 

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