I guess it isn't too bad when the peer reviews just say to make the article shorter.

The reviewers who didn't like that this paper was 26 pages and said nobody would read it at that length would really hate my highly cited 54 page article.

@drb: If it is a well-written paper, I'll read it no matter how long! Especially if it explains things to me that I didn't know before (e.g. if it's in a field very different from mine). :) But, at the risk of being, well, me, citations don't mean people read things. :P Some papers have stupidly high citations and I doubt they're page-turners.

Will you have to do a lot of trimming?

@RaoOfPhysics Yea, totally agree about the notion that citations≠reads.

I don't think we'll have to trim a ton from it. The editor was rather apathetic about the whole issue so I think we'll try to cut some bits and make others less verbose.

I'd really rather not break it apart into separate papers because I think it's stronger when everything is together in one place.

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