Nice day for some cricket at Cossonay. Maybe we will win our first game of the season. (Probably not, but you know… Unreasonable optimism.)

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The LHCb experiment at CERN found a new kind of composite particle at the Large Hadron Collider and I got to write about it for

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Snuck into the ATLAS experiment’s cavern around 100 metres underground, on my first day back at since March.

If you are interested, join my talk tomorrow evening, where I will tell you all about the and the .

Send me a DM to get the video-conference info for tomorrow.

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Found a picture I hadn't seen before, of myself showing the CMS detector at CERN to visitors during the last in 2013! <3

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Me: I'm looking forward to the first 🏏 training session of the year!

Weather: Fuck you. Here's some snow. In April. Bwahaha!

#CERN comms., #Web30, something I wrote goes retro to commemorate 30 years of the Web!

"From 1 April onwards, the home page of CERN will take on a simpler persona that hearkens back to the early days of the Web"

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No big deal, just casually offering cookies to the inventor of browser cookies.


"Bricolage", as they say in French! Or "jugaad", as we say in India.

Hey, folks. Long time, no see. Here's something I posted on Twitter and I thought it might interest some of you!


Want to surf the Web with the first ever browser, written by himself? Visit where developers at a hackathon at have resurrected the venerable browser (later renamed "Nexus").

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