@kensanata If I were still living in Geneva, I would’ve offered to pick up some CDs from dedicated stores in Bombay. It’s really hard to get your hands on digital copies but from what I remember it’s still possible to buy CDs in India.

Hi @rstats folks! It's been a while :)

We've been busy bootstrapping the #Rstats community on #matrix, and it's going pretty well. We've got a shiny new Space set up, with a few rooms for different purposes, and engagement is rising.

So, if you want an alternative to Slack (in the same vein as Mastodon being an alternative to Twitter, I guess) then please do come and join us!

The space is: #rlang:matrix.org and you can hop into the offtopic room to say hi at #rmeta:matrix.org. See you there!

PhD chat, (–) 

@mplouffe These are hard deadlines, unfortunately, and can’t be moved further. Going to do what I can.

PhD chat, (–) 

@maloki I could go to bed early. :P Been telling myself that all week!

PhD chat, (–) 

@maloki Thanks for the kind offer! 💜

At this point, I just need to get on with it. My wife went through a similar phase finishing her thesis last year. This year has been agonising and stressful for various reasons and I feel like I'm a bit defeated.

My roadblocks aren’t even related to my PhD, funnily.

PhD chat, (–) 

Really struggling to focus on writing. My PhD had dragged on for so long I’m completely demotivated. I wasted another day unable to work despite waking up in a cold sweat this morning when I realised I probably won’t make my deadlines.

This is a bit shit.

Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened: davidrevoy.com/article864/drea

#NFT #NFTCommunity

@cryospheroid Glad you liked the article. Indeed, what you mention is not uncommon, sadly.

Which is one reason that it made such an impact on me to see Prof Bouman openly acknowledge 23k+ contributors to the black-hole image in the talk I attended back in 2019.

Things, with several caveats, are looking up.

@ephemeral Thank you! And yes, I loved that quote as well. An excellent point expressed clearly.

@bstacey Thank you! And good luck with the submission. It seems to be to be unlike any other journal one night deal with.

I have a feature in this month’s Physics World on the role of free-and-open-source software in physics research.

Do read it and let me know what you think!


Visa applications, frustration 

@meena Only in the sense that there are Brits also applying for (work) visas at the same time as I am applying for non-work visas.

Visa applications, frustration 

I never want to apply for a tourist visa again (hah, like I’ll get my wish). The entire process is frustrating, humiliating and an utter time sink.

I lived in the Schengen Area for almost 11 years and going back to attend a wedding of close friends is proving fantastically difficult.

Personal news, moving 

@noctiluca Thanks! Just had a few items to move and it was only a few streets away, so it was done quickly. Most of our things are still back in the Geneva area with no clear date for when they can be moved by the moving company.

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