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#SummerSchool wrap-up 

Hi friends!

The slides, recordings or other media for that presenters have shared with us are now available at the following page:

Thanks again to everyone who participated, moderated, presented, and of course to the organizers!


Nice day for some cricket at Cossonay. Maybe we will win our first game of the season. (Probably not, but you know… Unreasonable optimism.)

Racism, Twitter (–) 

Experienced me first “Return to your homeland!” on Twitter today (after 11 years on Twitter and around the same time living in Europe) and I am still upset by it.

Blocked the person, obviously, but it really affected me.

Just needed to get it off my chest.

Particle physics, new discovery, CERN 

The LHCb experiment at CERN found a new kind of composite particle at the Large Hadron Collider and I got to write about it for

Markdown + pandoc, writing articles (+) 

I ❤️ using pandoc to convert markdown content simultaneously to various formats that I can e-mail people at work for feedback:

– PDF, because it’s beautiful to look at and the physics nerds will appreciate LaTeX-formatted content
– HTML, so those on their phones can open it with the built-in web browser with a font size that isn’t tiny
– DOCX, for those who need to edit the document and/or send me comments

Thanks to one makefile I copy into new projects.

Jupyter, looking for tips and tricks, boosts welcome 

So, computer nerds!

Jupyter: Notebooks/Lab/Books/Kernels etc.

What is your one Jupyter Top Tip™ for a relative newbie, who mainly uses R and is familiar with R Markdown (Bookdown, Blogdown etc.)?

Missed my talk on the and the ?

It’s not quite the same but here’s the episode of the podcast I was recently on, in which we spoke about , , fundamental research, the costs associated with it, why and how do we do this sort of research, and much more!

Feedback welcome; this was a new experience for me.

at 6pm utc today @RaoOfPhysics will be presenting about the large hadron collider and the higgs boson, and using Very Big things to study the Very, Very Small for ! ⛰🐜

Ramanujan number, Wikipedia, decolonise science 

@RaoOfPhysics Wikipedia mods are just like mods elsewhere. Biased with god-like complexes.

Here is another one I know. This has to do with Principle Component Analysis / Proper Orthogonal Decomposition:

> the Karhunen–Loève theorem, also known as the Kosambi–Karhunen–Loève theorem ... Stochastic processes given by infinite series of this form were first considered by Damodar Dharmananda Kosambi

Being first does not count

Selfie, science, CERN, COVID19 

Snuck into the ATLAS experiment’s cavern around 100 metres underground, on my first day back at since March.

If you are interested, join my talk tomorrow evening, where I will tell you all about the and the .

Send me a DM to get the video-conference info for tomorrow.

hey yall! tomorrow/later today at 5pm utc, @cassandreces will be presenting at about open science hardware communities around the world! 🔧 ^_^

open science, open hardware, right to repair 

New post-- I share why I think it's important for us, open science hw people, to address more the repair angle of , together with the movement

Etymologies, being “technically correct”, video calls 

Boss during a video meeting: “Why does no-one have their cameras on? Are you all in your pyjamas?”

Me, a scholar (but also an Indian): “AKSHULLY, that word comes from the Persian term for ‘leg garment’ and refers to formal leg-wear in the South-Asian subcontinent, so I will say that I _am_ wearing pyjamas, but I’ll leave it open to interpretation.”

Want an email address at a custom domain? Need to move your website from one web host to another? Need to upgrade your Wordpress installation? Need to set up a custom web forum for you and your people? Hit me up. I can help.

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Scholar Social is hosting , a free online conference

If you would like to be a presenter, please find the link to the sign-up form below

Thanks in advance to everyone!

Mental health (+), bike rides, COVID19 

For various reasons, I’ve been cooped up at home since March even though Switzerland has started to ease restrictions since May.

This morning, @cassandreces and I took a bike ride near home, and I felt so happy being out in nature.

It has been a difficult few months, on the mental-health front, and I am glad I was able to get some fresh air that was more than a short walk to the lake. We also had lunch on the balcony for the first time in ages! :blobwhee:

Life, Geneva 

Today marks nine years since I moved to !

Too bad not a single day counts towards applying for Swiss residency when my contract ends exactly a year from now.


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