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OK, I think I've got it figured out. Here it is: My rewrite. Everything presented herein is simply my own interpretive work and you're all free to think of it what you will, but despite the somewhat elevated language, I did just do this for fun, so while I welcome discussion and commentary, keep it fun!
[Content warnings for non-graphic descriptions of physical abuse of a child, and homophobia.]

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Been a long time, Scholar! Been busy with keeping things together my final semester of undergrad, but now I really need some advice from folks with more experience
As part of my department portfolios (and future plans) I need to write up my CV, which I've never done. I've consulted online resources and they seem contradictory.
Can anyone offer any guidance on how to write and structure a CV for someone who is just finishing undergrad?

My first bread loaves! Felt it was only appropriate that I started baking my own considering Conquest of Bread is one of my favorite books.

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150 million workers and workers in India are taking part in a two-day general strike, which is probably the biggest general strike in history.

Being in a bookstore
Pros: surrounded by books!
Cons: must prioritize which books to buy based on price, current reading list, proximity to next gift-giving holiday...

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Something really wonderful is singing together as a community. Just like... for fun! I know a lot of people associate that with Summer Camp but like idk it's super fun and it costs nothing. We do it a lot in Jewish spaces and I also encountered it in Unitarian spaces and I just think it's super lovely.

Another free thing you can do is dancing. As individuals and as social dances like Square, Contra, and Salsa.

Also, for non-social activities, I highly recommend going for walks on a nice sunny day :3

453 pages of narrative prose, one whole novel, completed in one day.

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It's been 2 hours and I'm almost halfway there

Can I read 400 pages of narrative prose in a day?

Made a resolution to read at least one book every week this year, and I finished the first of that lineup ("Why Marx Was Right" by Terry Eagleton) just now. Next up is a double whammy of fiction: finish reading The Malice by Peter Newman and finish re-reading The Hobbit.
After that, I'm not sure what I'm cracking into, but I know I'm going to also start reading Lord of the Rings for the first time, though slowly over a long time as I read other books.

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"[On emancipatory theory] A slave knows he is a slave, but knowing
why he is a slave is the first step towards not being one."

"Marx, by contrast, ‘‘spirit’’ is a question of art, friendship, fun, compassion, laughter, sexual love, rebellion, creativity, sensuous delight, righteous anger and abundance of life. (He did, however, sometimes take the fun a bit too far: he once went on a pub crawl [...] stopping at every pub en route, and was chased by the police for throwing paving stones at street lamps. His theory of the repressive nature of the state, so it would seem, was no mere abstract speculation)."

""We can fulfill our natural needs only by social means—by collectively producing our means of production. And this then gives rise to other needs, which in turn
gives rise to others. But at the root of all this, which we know
as culture, history or civilisation, lies the needy human body
and its material conditions. This is just another way of saying
that the economic is the foundation of our life together. It is the vital link between the biological and the social"

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Imagine if public transport was free and available for everyone, and instead of roads and car parks we planted community gardens to provide food for everyone. I think that sounds very nice, fresh fruit and vegetables should be something everyone can get.

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#Capitalism is a reasonable economic system that destroys 100 million trees a year to mass-produce something that literally no one asked for and literally everyone hates

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@bjoern “when Mark Zuckerberg was making Facebook in his dorm room bedroom, he probably wasn’t trying to make this dopamine-inducing tool”

Yes he was. He called his users “dumb fucks”. Can we please stop perpetuating this myth and giving the people who knowingly created this mess a pass with this “oops, they just wanted to make things better but ended up making things worse and accidentally becoming billionaires” narrative.

VC/startups/the Silicon Valley model is unethical.

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hmm, i think your issues with capitalism are not capitalism’s fault at all, but instead the fault of [things capitalism does]

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I'm queer. I love the word because to me it expresses the defiant spirit of LGBTQIA+ that I am most proud of when I march in pride.
It's not a word for everyone, and you don't need to use it to be defiant, you can be defiant while deciding for yourself what to call yourself instead of taking old slurs and turning them into armour as others do. It's all good tbh. Don't tell me I shouldn't be proud of my queerness, because you know what I tell cishets who tell me that and it has rude words in it

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