Call me stupid. Once more I turned a simple #ShowerThought into a whole damn article, while maybe it amounts to nothing much. Well, you be the judge. You may find it entertaining.

How the thought-experiment of imagining the current #Web as an online #VirtualWorld could enable us to design it better than we do now.

How the virtual and the real are intricately intertwined, and part of daily #life and who we really are. And how a #MMORPG then seamlessly bridges those two.

Anyone know of any good English language news sources on domestic Taiwanese politics? From what I've seen of @AuderyTang's media appearances I'm fascinated to know more about how the government there is perceived domestically. How are all these awesome sounding digital democracy innovations actually being received by the people? (For reference Audery Tang media appearances:

I think I've finally found a setup I like for managing my with software.
'Voice' was what I was trying to use on but It lacks search and my collection is to big to not have search so my solution is adding a folder in my podcatcher 'AntennaPod' Combine that with and 'OpenAudible' to get the DRM of audible exclusives and I'm set! just al ittle bit of work to convert the metadata to do.

Interesting, Margrethe Vestager seems to grasp the concept that market freedom only pertains to the degrees of freedom relevant to ensuring market competitiveness and that regulating to prevent market actors from using non-market forces to influence market conditions can actually increase market freedom. No one ever seems to get this, refreshing to see someone in authority with a more nuanced position, even if she can't actually meaningfully improve competition.

Falsehoods spread more quickly on social media than the truth? Well that's convenient I can just post my hypothesis and my null hypothesis and which ever one get more shares is wrong. I don't have to bother doing any experiments! 🤔 😉

Just discovered this excellent online textbook/gitbook "Computational Genomics with R":
principle author/editor Altuna Akalin

We're very excited to announce today a partnership with @iXsystems bringing an official #Nextcloud app to over 1 million #TrueNAS systems! Tomorrow, 5PM Berlin/8AM Cali time we'll do a live Q&A with raffle, so stay tuned for more!

Interesting podcast on the future of wet lab automation with

Sounds like the industry needs a Redhat/SUZE/nextcloud type business model to get open tooling with the pro-tier support. I worry a bit about the cloud lab idea if it's not done on open tech. We already have concerning amount of propriety reagents and the like which undermine replicability in the wet lab, we don't need another layer of secret sauce.

Tsai Ing-wen says Taiwan will boost its defences to ensure no one can force it to accept the path China has laid out.
Taiwan will not bow down to China, says president

Recently discovered Sioyek via @BrodieOnLinux It's a pdf reader specialised for academic and technical documents. I especially like the feature that lets you keep figures in a pane while scrolling through the rest of the doc. Plus the lead dev was super responsive when I opened a small feature request on github they implemented it same day!

A friend share this with me today potentially interesting idea decoupling review from journals

"Semantic Annotation for Tabular Data", using knowledge graphs like #DBPedia and #Wikidata.

(Khurana and Galhotra, 2020)

This paper gives important message for academic policy makers. An excessive amount of papers doesn’t help the research, so stop pushing for it! It is time for different research performance measures.

⚠️REMINDER: Only download Inkscape from trusted sources and be cautious about emails with links, even if they claim to be from the project. If there's any doubt go to the source. The latest, validated release will always be available for free on our website.

Boosts appreciated.

A recent pick: {NGLVieweR}
A nice R interface to the NGL.js library for visualizing molecular structures such as .PDB files

So, for 4, when? It's all that's keeping me from pre-ordering. 😁 @Fairphone :boost_requested:

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