@mia I have a couple of manjaro systems with zfs on root using zfs' native encryption. They are working pretty well for me so far, but it is kind of a hassle doing the snapshot management and it does not play nice with grub. I'd love to see better integrations the way fedora and garuda did with btrfs. Being able to pull encrypted snapshots from a remote backup that doesn't have the key is a just great pattern for secure backup.

@emacsen I think one of the most powerful features of a federated network with a common underlying protocol is would could have many variants of the instance or client experience from which we can choose and experiment with variants on filtering/ranking/sorting/aggregating systems and find those which people actually find useful. Something we can't do on the proprietary options as the back end is closed so we can't experiment with different front ends.

Call me stupid. Once more I turned a simple #ShowerThought into a whole damn article, while maybe it amounts to nothing much. Well, you be the judge. You may find it entertaining.


How the thought-experiment of imagining the current #Web as an online #VirtualWorld could enable us to design it better than we do now.

How the virtual and the real are intricately intertwined, and part of daily #life and who we really are. And how a #MMORPG then seamlessly bridges those two.

Anyone know of any good English language news sources on domestic Taiwanese politics? From what I've seen of @AuderyTang's media appearances I'm fascinated to know more about how the government there is perceived domestically. How are all these awesome sounding digital democracy innovations actually being received by the people? (For reference Audery Tang media appearances: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNE)

I think I've finally found a setup I like for managing my with software.
'Voice' github.com/PaulWoitaschek/Voic was what I was trying to use on but It lacks search and my collection is to big to not have search so my solution is adding a folder in my podcatcher 'AntennaPod' antennapod.org/ Combine that with and 'OpenAudible' openaudible.org/ to get the DRM of audible exclusives and I'm set! just al ittle bit of work to convert the metadata to do.

Interesting, Margrethe Vestager seems to grasp the concept that market freedom only pertains to the degrees of freedom relevant to ensuring market competitiveness and that regulating to prevent market actors from using non-market forces to influence market conditions can actually increase market freedom. No one ever seems to get this, refreshing to see someone in authority with a more nuanced position, even if she can't actually meaningfully improve competition.

@jrhawley Also if you don't care so much about the static output options pdf, epub etc then you can include various widgets for interactive plots etc. Anything you can put in an {htmlwidget} htmlwidgets.org/ you can server in bookdown as a static site.

@jrhawley I was just about to mention that - I basically do everything in Rmarkdown now it's awesome. Combine it with {targets} books.ropensci.org/targets/ so you can cache results of computationally intensive stuff and it's a great workflow. highly reproducible especially if you ad {renv} rstudio.github.io/renv/article and some containerization into the mix.

Falsehoods spread more quickly on social media than the truth? Well that's convenient I can just post my hypothesis and my null hypothesis and which ever one get more shares is wrong. I don't have to bother doing any experiments! 🤔 😉

@jrhawley Yes I was quite impressed by the breadth+depth combination and provides a good on-ramp for people form multiple backgrounds.
Bit light on genetic variation / mutation calling stuff at the moment but looks like chapters on specific analysis methods have been contributed by experts so more may be added. As far as I'm concerned this is how textbooks should be done now so much easier to keep them current but still citable just include the commit hash for the build your reading.

Just discovered this excellent online textbook/gitbook "Computational Genomics with R":
principle author/editor Altuna Akalin

@zerodivision I did my MSc in bioinformatic & systems biology at Birkbeck: bbk.ac.uk/study/2021/postgradu
Great program - I'd add more stuff on reproducible research practices to what they taught but they may have updated this in the years since I graduated.

We're very excited to announce today a partnership with @iXsystems bringing an official #Nextcloud app to over 1 million #TrueNAS systems! Tomorrow, 5PM Berlin/8AM Cali time we'll do a live Q&A with raffle, so stay tuned for more!

Interesting podcast on the future of wet lab automation with @siegel_justin@twitter.com

Sounds like the industry needs a Redhat/SUZE/nextcloud type business model to get open tooling with the pro-tier support. I worry a bit about the cloud lab idea if it's not done on open tech. We already have concerning amount of propriety reagents and the like which undermine replicability in the wet lab, we don't need another layer of secret sauce.

@humanetech @gitea Nice! gitlab also supports mermaid and KaTeX - waiting on github now I suppose...

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