@reality2cast @katherined @dsearls EmanciPay sounds a lot like the implementation that lets you stream satoshis or send boosts to podcasters that's implemented in the value tag in the new podcast namespace that @adam & @dave are working on at the the podcast index and the podcasting 2.0 movement summarised here: podcode.co/podcasting-2point0/

@echo_pbreyer Nuclear probably should be, it's basically unavoidable at this point if we are to meet the emissions targets. Given the state of storage tech that'd be needed for renewables to provide sufficient base-load. Gas not so much, despite being probably the least bad of the fossil fuels in terms power generated to emissions produced ratio, sustainable seems to me to be stretching it a bit.

@ubik_c I don't think I've met a PhD student who hasn't had this feeling at some point in the process, sooooo at least you're not alone 😜. All the ones I've know muddled through. Stepping back and getting a bit of outside perspective was always refreshing for me when I was stressed out, trying to explain my project to a bunch of school kids always reminded me how cool it was.

@zeerph I wouldn't jump directly to CLI text editors, it's too much different syntax all at once. I'd start with a GUI editor and if you're teaching a language with a repl that can be a good way into the command line later. I'd teach CLI text editors in the context of Linux administration or using remote HPC resources almost independent of more fundamental programming stuff. Just my 2 cents

I mentioned my audiobook set-up before I have an update I'm now using audiobookshelf.org/ Hosted on my TrueNAS SCALE box. openaudible is unfortunately no longer open but still convenient for removing DRM from Audible books, Though I've found audiobookstore.com to have a pretty complete library and actually sell you audiobooks without DRM instead of 'selling' you the chance to ask for their permission to read your own books.

@jonny indeed f1000 works a bit like this and in software it is often possible, if not always easy, to specify the version down to an individual git commit hash.

@EU_Commission That's all well and good but when are we going to face up the the fact that storage tech is to immature and expensive to provide a reliable baseload meaning we will need to keep the existing nuclear fleets up as long as possible while working on replacing them with passively safe small modular reactors if we are to have any hope of meeting emissions goals?

I recently ran a workshop on writing performant R code you can find the slides at: richardjacton.github.io/perfor

I took a very wide overview of the subject covering profiling and benchmarking, vectorising, parallelism, Rcpp, and working with larger than memory datasets as well as caching of computationally results with compressed data object outputs and pipeline management tools. There are links to further reading/watching in the presenter notes and the git repo github.com/RichardJActon/perfo.

@reality2cast @katherined @dsearls @kyle sounds interesting. seems to be doing some similar things. This episode of @optoutpod@twitter.com has an interview with their CTO Kee Jefferys: optoutpod.com/episodes/s2e14-s originally forked from signal also uses tor and does use the OXEN blockchain to solve some of the problems Holmes mentioned. Another p2p messenger is briarproject.org/ XMPP based don't think they have global names.

Last week, in my course on information seeking/retrieval, I dedicated a class to watch "Paywall: The Business of Scholarship" :OpenAccess:
I explained that now I can chose to publish only in OA journals and that I decline reviews if the journal is not OA. But during my PhD most of the times I felt forced to publish in "journals with the highest impact factor" and not OA due to the criteria of the University. I like the quote by Lars Bjørnshauge in the capture attached:


@EU_Commission Not a bad start but A few conspicuous absences/ambiguities about what constitutes Free, Open & Private - the devil is in the details on these points. Also if Taiwan is an international partner I'm surprised Audrey Tang didn't tell you we should aspire to media competency not just literacy.

Tech I want cobbled together into a crazy awesome Linux system:
- Coreboot firmware with HEADS for tamper evident boot
- Guix OS with ZFS on root using zectl or ZFSBootMenu
- shavee or something like it to encrypt my ZFS datasets with my hardware keys
- a ZFS snapshot & sync management tool like Jim Salter's sanoid/syncoid
- pipewire, wayland & KDE Plasma desktop
- flatpaks for any weird proprietary shiz I might be obliged to use

I enjoy the evidence_im_nuts -= 1 sensation of finding an old paper that says more or less exactly what I've been banging on about for years just in slightly different words. I get that from this paper: Natural selection and immortality
by Antoine Danchin ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/

The right to repair is crucial for a free future, this is illustrated in our animated video "Fight to Repair." Join our campaign and inform others on the state of #RightToRepair in your country. #FightToRepair fsf.org/ftr

Following #gdpr, the EU should force all major social media platforms to open up APIs for users to export and interact from other platforms #fediverse #activitypub

@reality2cast @kyle Yes very much so. Though as this gets more complex it would be good have have a default info page for instances which can show what features and instance has enabled/disabled, what their filters set are by default and how much customisability they allow at the user rather than the instance level.

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