Happy mid-autumn festival!
中秋快乐 🎑🥮!!!

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Incredible discovery: the Unicode consortium report on emoji has an official ZWJ sequence example showing how you could implement cat fur colour patterns. Please tell me there are OSs that support this. unicode.org/reports/tr51/#Emoj

New paper (that I promised to share) that uses a theatrical perspective to analyze TikTok videos.


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TikTok theatrics 

#SummerSchool gearing up at the same time I've been enjoying watching #Tiktok and learning about video authoring in it (maybe if you need an example: twitter.com/Iameaschris/status) and I have to acknowledge the a huge debt to @RobinWang whose 2020 Summer School talk traced

"the birth of theater, and theatrical activities to explain why visual social media platforms are theatrical venues" summerschool.scholar.social/

I want to learn more about theatrics to appreciate Tiktok better!



Witnessed two birdie gangs having group fight. Real fierce.

I think my zotero went nuts for a while just now.

Alright, I'm gonna summon my energy to work. The activity of summoning may take an hour. Within this hour, I may fall asleep.

Ever since teaching online, my working hours have increased significantly. It's only the what, second week of semester? I'm already burned out a little.


Oh professors on social.scholar, who can help me understand phenomenology?


Online Teaching 

Spent this entire summer vacation learning how to teach online, and building/designing online classrooms for 2 courses. One more unit to go then I can get certified with online teaching credentials. I learned a lot, but I am truly truly exhausted. Not a penny earned but education to generations will pay pack. Regardless, I would imagine not a single teacher could get any rest during this "vacation".

We went from 2 cases per day to 200+ per day then today 300+. Yet still watching people not wearing a mask and partying around. What can I even say?

What was your ritual for declaring your advisor? Or, how did you tell your advisor that "will you be my advisor"?

Advice/Thoughts for Peer-review 

I need advice about peer-review.

1. What does peer-review mean for a researcher in PhD loading phase?

2. Is it helpful for job-application?

3. Do you reflect this review history on your resume?

4. What is its role for self-development regarding research skills and more?

5. Do you decline or accept requests? -review

I had Enormous fun to present at !

Seven REAL NICE people came (six exclude me? lol)!

Perfect size for a Robin!

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