Does anyone ever feel insecure that they aren't going to be a "real" scientist? I'm studying computer science, but I always envy my friends who are studying Physics or Chemistry, or all those other fields that feel so much more substantial than my own.

Hello, fellow academics. I'm a first year undergraduate student pursuing a BS in Computer Science. How do I get started with publishing academic research? I want to publish things, but I don't even know where to start. How do I find a research topic that is appropriate for my level? Are there low-ranking "newbie" journals that accept submissions from undergrads? Is there a tutorial for all of this? It's so confusing!

So, I'm new to the whole Academia community. I don't think I can even call myself an academic, as I haven't published anything, or even written anything worthwhile!

But I do have a few papers that I'm rather proud of. They aren't groundbreaking or anything new... but I'd like to think that my explanations are at least somewhat novel and easy to understand :)

Is there a place where we can share papers for fun? (Not sure if this is what academics do, but I'm trying!) :D

Hello, friends!

I'm a shy, undergrad - pursuing an Bachelors in the Liberal Arts, and an Bachelors in Computer Science simultaneously over a 5 year period. I study the Humanities by day, and STEM by night!

Right now in my BA, I am learning Ancient Greek and Latin, for the study of Greek and Roman philosophers like Heraclitus or Lucretius. Likewise, in my BsC, I am learning JavaScript and C++!

I'm so honoured to be among this community. I can't wait to learn from all of you!

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