It's July 2022 and Firefox's spellchecker still doesn't know "COVID" is a word.

New post on "Ideology Theory Practice" blog, discussing ways conservative ideology relates to environmental attitudes.

Conservatives are less likely to support environmental action. Is this more about economics (e.g. free market) or is it social/cultural? It's a bit of both!

So let me get this straight:

Github scanned a bunch of open source projects.

They trained an AI with it.

They basically ignored the licenses and tried to shove a "because we are basically copying GPL code, it doesn't mean the result is GPL".

And now they are charging for it?

Academic publishers are raking it in, but they still want me to buy a $79 poster of my own article which I (and co-authors) wrote and charged them $0 to publish.

No thanks.

Always have to remind myself when starting to write something new... no I'm not working unusually slowly... it just *always* take a long time.

universities are simply landlords (X-Post from Birdsite) 

"When universities start to function like real estate companies that run a school for the tax benefits, the university script is to justify land grabs by appealing to the public good, then betray the public good on the grounds of student welfare, and then extort student tenants workers to finance further expansion."
RT @ejnagouse
omg are universities simply the landlords of education

Yesterday's adventures in led my to realise support for MySQL is not very good...

Solution: migrate everything to Postgres

My mornings have definitely improved since I've started playing puzzle games (reactle, heardle, quordle) instead of doom scrolling.

And improved further by checking Mastodon before any other social media!

auspol, climate change 

I've been wondering if the Australian election was one of the first "climate elections", i.e. an election where was a definitive issue in the election.

I suspect it was, although we should be wary of narratives that emerge immediately after an election (without better survey data).

If it was the first, it's unlikely to be the last

Annoying when people turn up to a Zoom tutorial, never turn on their camera, never unmute and never type anything in chat...

Zero engagement, even in breakout rooms!


I suggest to use @academicsunite as a multilanguage group on academic working conditions and collective action right now. If needed, in future, we could add language specific groups like @ academicsunite_de or @ academicsunite_en …

I recently ran a workshop on writing performant R code you can find the slides at:

I took a very wide overview of the subject covering profiling and benchmarking, vectorising, parallelism, Rcpp, and working with larger than memory datasets as well as caching of computationally results with compressed data object outputs and pipeline management tools. There are links to further reading/watching in the presenter notes and the git repo

Does democracy matter? @oneabstractaday

"We survey results from 1,100 cross-country analyses... on 30 distinct outcomes pertaining to social policy, economic policy, citizenship and human rights, military and criminal justice, and overall governance ... Most studies report either a positive or null relationship with democracy. However ... reported findings may reflect a somewhat exaggerated image of democracy's effects."

a poll about OpenSource in OpenScience 

Hi friends, I'd like to know your opinion about in . I think Open-Source must be for all the steps in the process of academic publishing to be Open-Science, not only if you develop a soft or for the results. What do you think?

Is Open Science if the research was written/developed/processed with non Open-Access Software?
For example: is Open Science if the research was written with Microsoft Office, or developed using SPSS?

#ClimateCrisis #Climate #Food #Health
When the latest #IPCC report pointed to the need for dietary shifts in rich countries (towards more 🌱-based diets) - which would also benefit people’s health - it is concerning that policymakers have no intention to foster that change. Especially as opinion polls have constantly shown that citizens want governments to do more to support them in adopting sustainable lifestyles …

@dznz I expect self-driving cars to be followed by a wave of legislation that forces pedestrians and cyclists off roads so nobody else has to take legal responsibility.

academic job 

Victoria University of Wellington is looking for a Lecturer in Political Communications:

If you needed more reasons to be wary of Elsevier, here's what kind of data they collect about you. For example: whenever you do anything within Mendeley.

I've created the group @academicchatter to have a place to discuss academic life (similar to on ).

I know there is already @academicsunite, but that seems to be German language. There's also @phdlife for PhD chat, but @academicchatter is a bit more general (PhD researchers and other students are welcome to post here of course!).

Please follow the group and mention it to have you toots boosted.

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