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Guys I'm still pissed that movies like Wizard of Oz (1939) are still not in the Public Domain

Fuck Disney

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Planning a heist

Stealing your Intellectual Property

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🎓 Peer-review griping 

Reviewing papers

Academic papers

Using expertise I gained over years of doctoral-level training

Creating value for academic journal owners

And receiving $0 for it!!

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🎓 Peer-review griping 

@jaranta @bgcarlisle I once spoke with a librarian at my uni who said that a certain well-known publisher has larger profit margins than both pharmaceutical companies and payday loan companies and I've never forgotten that.

Anti-expert sentiment, mild swearing 

However I am often apprehensive to talk about these very important things because I'm scared that doing that will get stripped of it's nuance and be used to attack science as a whole. This is actually something that I talk about in my post and it frustrates the hell out of me. The more time I need to spend on defending the concept of science from stupid Luddites is time I can't spend on actually making good arguments (end)

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Anti-expert sentiment 

On the flip side if someone gets tested for, e.g. ADHD, and comes out negative, do they undoubtedly not have it? absolutely not! Look at the false positive or false negative rate of any medication or diagnosis system and you will be appalled. Bayes' rule is a harsh opponent. Just talk to a chronically ill woman who has done every test in a 5E100 mile radius but wasn't diagnosed for years despite having textbook symptoms of whatever it is she has. (3/X)

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Anti-expert sentiment 

Like for example: health care. I have had people promise me on multiple times that if I used some kind of supplement or enough meditation or yoga or matcha tea or whatever I could leave behind all of my medications. THe anti-depressants, the ADHD stimulants, whatever. These things might help, but they do not have the a robust body of research backing them and encouraging people to swap one for the other is dangerous. (2/X)

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Anti-expert sentiment 

I really resent how thin the line has become between admitting that science, especially as it is being conducted today is a flawed system and throwing out trust in science all together. Even though I've never really been mistaken that way, I find myself spending more and more time clarifying that I'm not actually anti science and that scientific is still very important, even when some people do it wrong. (1/X)

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Reject martyr narratives during this pandemic. 

Essential workers are not simply dying of COVID-19, they are being slaughtered on the altar of profit, on the orders of people with access to more money and power than you or I could ever comprehend.

Don't cheer the deaths of workers. Remember their names and demand the society around you do better for everyone else in their position.

We need to build a more resilient society. It starts with eliminating the profit motive.

:anarchy: :gay_communism:

Do your local trans person a favour and practice their pronouns in your own time. You don't have to feel guilty for accidentally misgendering them and they will be happy, win win!

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Time you spend

On things that help

you to not "flip the fuck out"

Is never wasted

The UNESCO up out a call that they are going to develop an ethical AI framework. I talk about some of the good things about it, and some of the things I missed:

Tech in health care 

"Will big tech save the NHS or eat it alive" by Caroline Molloy is an amazing and horrifying piece about how tech is making it's way into public healthcare. As someone who is really passionate about improving health care with technology but wants to do it right this was painful to read. I still believe tech can make a big difference but not in the way we are using it at the moment. It's a long read but incredibly worth your time:

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covid-19 is not an equal opportunity killer. black folks are being disproportionally affected and have massively higher fatality rates than other poc and white folks. why? because systemic institutionalized racism is embedded in every aspect of american culture. black folks are more likely to be essential workers in city centers, deal with housing insecurity, lack health insurance, and have conditions that have comorbidity with covid-19. this is not just a pandemic, this is a massacre.

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Hypothesis: Anything a philanthropist can give the world as a gift, the world should have had by rights

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On CW's 

As always:

* CW's: good, not censorship, makes your posts more "boostable", enables consent, use them
* Attempts to weaponize moderation tools and policies against minorities or people who need help: bad, fuck off

PyNeg is a Python Library for simulating automated negotiations. It integrates with ProbLog so you can incorporate probabilistic reasoning into the negotiation. You can learn more about it here:

I want everyone to stop using WiFi Capture portals right. now. Just in case my authority alone is not enough to convince people I wrote a blog post explaining why:

CyberSec Joke 

Hacker: *sits down in coffee shop to hack big bank*
Coffee shop WiFi: "To use this WiFi network you have to promise not to do anything illegal"
Hacker: "Damn, my plans are foiled once again. Guess I'll just have some coffee then"

COVID, opinion, mild swaring 

What the COVID crisis has taught me personally that the concept of independence in the society we live in is total bollocks. There is no way we can be independent of each other, and I don't just mean because of the internet. So when this all blows over, can we just get rid of myth of independance and build structures that take care of everyone? it's in everyone's best interest as is being made painfully clear right now.

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