Swedish degrees are tricky, since there are two master levels (one year and two years), which are both called master's in English

whomstever decided upon that little piece of tricky translation work is a genius in bureaucratic disguise

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I also sent in an application for a completely unrelated master degree in education

if anyone wants a combination sociology-education mastermind, it me

the thesis
it passed without revisions
I have officially graduated with a master in sociology

I never did buy a book for the sake of a thesis
'tis a point of pride

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Looking forward to post-thesis logistics, where I somehow have to return 32 library books all at once

Someone told me I graduate next week, and my impostor syndrome was like "no I don't", and then I realized it would mean I only pretended to write a master thesis over these last couple of months

Sometimes, you gotta reality principle these things

When reading the papers my peers have written, I am reminded of the old adage that every finished project is a miracle worthy of celebration in its own right

@Cyborgneticz speaking of
orthogonal Q-content
catch this discussion on why people in suburbs are scared, and how this fear plays into conspiracy thinking

seeing the other students' theses is a blast of naming conventions
I can only say
dear "Thesis FINAL v6 PDF.pdf"

I'm doing the research review part, and stumbled upon an article I helped translate into English a couple of years ago
it is a nice feel to be able to mark it down as "I wrote this"

Another time I answered a survey asking why I chose to study at this particular university, and was like
"y'know, I live here, and it was convenient not having to move I guess?"

They did not take me up on the offer of answering additional questions so as to create inspirational quotes for marketing material

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They sent out a survey asking the students what they thought about the various on-campus amenities, and it was a strange feeling to say that
yeah, no, not applicable

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Tomorrow it'll be one week to the thesis deadline, and I'm struck by how I managed to write an entire master thesis without ever setting foot on campus

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