Complaining is the second most effective social bonding agent

The most effective being bad philosophy joeks

#librarians of mastodon!

@dasyatidprime would to find some OER materials about librarianship -- like, an introduction to the field.

Any ideas for them?

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she grinded so hard she went back in time and became Mitochondrial Eve

Phrases which indicate you can stop reading an argument: "it is now a very mainstream idea in evolutionary psychology"

You know you're starting to be become an academic when you're excited about free research papers >﹏<.

This is a general reminder that you are allowed to go full Feyerabend at times

Man, walking on Mission St. carrying a broken skateboard, with an air freshener clipped to his shoe, yelling to himself: “I’m gonna procure the FUCK outta a pizza!”

I’ve been talking to an Early Modern scholar I befriended on the bird site about grad work and imposter syndrome and the like ands message tonight hit me so hard tbh. They affirmed my ability, were honest about the field and employment, talked about following your dreams in spite of that, offered personal anecdotes.

After years of doubt and confusing answers, this is wonderful to hear 😭💙

"No major American crime requires as much travelling as that of stealing rare books from libraries..."

Where’s the radical math teachers at on this site, I wanna talk classroom praxis

was it plato or socrates that was like, a buff wrestler.

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"bisexuals are just confused" statement partially true. but i'm not confused about my sexuality i just don't understand algebra

I like watching the robot clean. I'm still not sure what to do with it, though. 🤔 #cats #

The dual motion of those who ever more ardently deny climate change, and those who are ambiently slipping into the habit of checking the air quality of their city

a question for your creative minds:

how would you take full advantage of institutional access to databases and journals?

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