this also means I'll have to honor the tradition of posting the writ about the mysterious blue doors on campus, and whether or not students are allowed to use them

I once told a PhD student that, yeah, you can just go for it, and they were more surprised than they ought to be. which goes to show that there's still work to be done

ah, the new semester looms, and with it comes the traditional "have you got books for sale"/"I have books for sale" posts in the university facebook group

It does my heart good to know that this is published in a peer reviewed medical journal

The methods section is more akin to a greatest hits of the research process, rather than an exhaustive account of it

The biggest impediment to writing is being overly familiar with the contents of your own head

Nothing makes scientists more happy than escaping certain death and playing with their new toys in space, both on the same day

some fun metaing 

having thus added the available vacancies rss feed to my rss reader, it amuses me to notice that literally every subject posts TA positions at the same time

this may or may not be indicative of some institutional practice or other

I may or may not have a slight aversion to documents proclaiming organizational complexity in the form of a disjointed bullet point list

As the new semester draw closer, I can't help but feel that structuring my teaching statement around lambasting the university's Official Pedagogical Core Document being a poorly written bureaucratic artifact (and how I, master of education, could spot more holes in it than there were actual things to be holes in) was not the smartest of rhetorical moves when applying for jobs at said university

'tis a poorly written, barely grammatical bureaucratic artifact, tho

Tired: reading a book
Wired: listening to a podcast talking about said book
Inspired: seeing these at two different entrance points into the same overall idea

Tired: a unique file name that instantly lets you recognize what's what


Me: this is more of a stately procession of cats than a question
Lecturer: ???
[the doors are flung open, and the beginning of what seems to be a very long procession enters with an inordinate amount of pomp and circumstance]

a koan for the new decade 

some thesis shenanigans 

the library, it wants its children back
as if to remind everyone:
if we all returned all our borrowed books, there would not be enough shelf space
the library lives in all our houses

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