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Comments on footnotes in comments on footnotes: a biography

Person who wants to talk about bitcoins: hey
Me: did you know that the best way to conceptualize bitcoin is as a modern day Pythagorean sect?
Person: [has left the conversation]

A sacred duty of older students 

Stupid fact:
The proverb "I hear, I see, I learn" is "Audio, Video, Disco" in Latin.

"Everything is happening too much," he said.

Narrator: Unfortunately, everything was about to happen *even more*

today is the day I invite myself to a higher seminar

as you do

Update on my digging in the archives 

"More streaming TV services" is the opposite of what anyone has ever wanted

What are the ancillary skills developed and exercised during the process of grant writing? What do you learn that you wouldn't otherwise? What incidental insights do you bump into?

I will never not be amused by the fact that the time spent writing grant applications in aggregate far exceeds the time actually funded by said grants

hayek, you absolute boondoggler! the road to serfdom was capitalism all along

I'm always amused by how there are courses in research methodology when you're at university, and then when you get out into the field you have to learn how to do something completely different in order to carry out said research

in completely unrelated news, archival lockers from the 40s are surprisingly difficult to break into if the keys have somehow been lost over the course of the last two generations

today I was in the archives all day
it do be like that

the turning of the table 

some CV hacking 

Sometimes I think about how society is a great interlocking web of specialized fields, all interacting with the world and each other in highly idiosyncratic ways, the whole a great deal greater than the sum of its parts -

yet people consider themselves at the pinnacle of human achievement for having gained insight into but one of these specializations

it is a humbling thought

remember to drink enough water unless you are a cactus, succulent or other drought-tolerant plant acclimated to arid conditions

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