okay, gotta send in this thing. how to phrase this email?
*thinks long and hard*
Attaching thesis proposal, as per instruction.
Best regards,"

The key to writing a long text is to divide it into small segments that can't quite contain what's supposed to go in them

Me: ah yes, another course where the main goal is to write an essay. I can safely postpone efforting until the deadline looms closer
Course: in this module, we will focus specifically on the gradual refinement of an essay from idea to finished text, with many & frequent check-ins along the way
Me: ...bismillah noooo!

some fun philosophical time travel shenanigans 

what if Aristotle's name was given in jest, as an act of mockery?

become the interdisciplinary powerhouse you want to see between the worlds

"but why would you want to avoid graduating?"
once you graduate, you've graduated

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how to be actively non-productive 

I vaguely remember posting this here a while back, but I reckon the combo of new users and water under bridges might make for a renewed relevance. thus:
how to avoid accidentally graduating, a cavalcade of weaponized self-sabotage strategies

feels about technology 

zoom meeting over. now you go back into the box, little spy device

needless to say the mic gets unplugged, too

some fun thesis shenanigans 

in an excursus on what the discipline of economics has to say on my topic, and my thesis' contribution to it, I will cite ten or so standard textbooks claiming that economic subjects act with perfect rationality, and have thus already read my thesis. despite it being written in the discipline of sociology

as you do

the only relevant unit of measurement 

bullet points per minute (bppm)

tfw you put a book on hold at the library, and the person who put the very same book on hold before you didn't pick it up, so you get it instead

thank you, anonymous library friend

Chart of 'reluctance of making snacks vs making snacks' 

You see here - the later it goes, the more probable it is that you will in fact make a snack.

Putting my degree to important knowledge production.

*logs in to review the schedule for the upcoming course*
[it's four zoom meets across three months]
this is a comfortable enough pace

I would never advocate for scraping every paywalled academic database

I would never say that posting every database online for everyone to access for free is actually morally acceptable

That would be illegal

zoom noob question 

the new semester starts in a couple of weeks, and it appears I'm gonna have to get a webcam. what I want to ask are two things:
1) what's a good webcam that gets the job done, without too much in the way of preparatory work, bells and/or whistles?
2) what are some things you wish someone told you before embarking on your first zoom adventures?

The two ways academics demarcate their social rank:
a) the size of their shoulder pads (bigger is better)
b) the size of their email sigs

some linguistic tomfoolery 

my next thesis will be written in two versions, one swedish and one english. to spice things up, I'm gonna give 'em the following titles:
Ett suveränt boende
A sovereign abode

now, to convince the university to allow these bilingual shenanigans

'tis a strange thing to have written the big thesis but not being able to get a degree cause you didn't do the preparatory coursework
people give you funny looks

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Pros: I finally got in to a course to get those final nibbling points required to finalize one of my degrees
Cons: in order to participate, I'll need to get zoom

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