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A comprehensive list of titles given to academics who are specifically not tenured or gradually approaching tenure

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Take: the dominance that professionally recorded music has gained in the last 100 years has lead to a major winnowing of folk music (i.e. music intended to be performed by anyone, as part of daily life), and that's a significant cultural and social loss.

I suspect the key to secure employment is to suddenly discover a brand new ancient prophecy

if libraries and public transit can do so much good even starved as they are of funding by the ruling class imagine how much more powerful and good they could be

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Don't forget to leave a skateboard out for Tony Hawkes tonight

It's the Fifth of November

Hmm. I don't want to be specific in this sentence, but the word "things" is too generic. What do?
Aha, I've got it!
*replaces "things" with "entities"*
Sentence solved

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This is a general reminder that you can ask your local and/or favorite university library to buy in books

It is good praxis to be polite and constructive in your criticism, and every effort should be made to give solid feedback whenever possible. However, if you ever need to utterly devastate someone's academic efforts, remember that you always have the option to refer to them as "total headbangers"

Hail Eris!: A Qualitative Study of Computer Mediated Communication Using the Discord App

Become the discursive anomaly you want to see in the world

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