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stages of literature review:

1. I am a brilliant genius whose originality is beyond compare
2. [searches google scholar]
3. oh no
4. oh god no
5. like fifty people have done this exact thing
6. [actually reads some of the papers]
7. wait these are all related but not exactly the same thing
8. also some of them are not very good
9. oh this one is actually really helpful!
10. I am a brilliant, gracious genius whose originality is beyond compare

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An alternate universe, where you actually read those things in those tabs

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what do now that I'm no longer in academia

what do indeed

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tfw you open a new book and the first chapter goes "I got an incomprehensible review on an article once, and since I don't know who the reviewer was, I'mma tell you, the reader, why they were wrong"

Scientists agree that burritos are sandwiches. But if burritos are sandwiches, then what are baked potatoes? If you fund my grant, I'll attempt to answer this question

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