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Sargoth (skateboard aspect) @Sargoth

ex post facto realization Show more

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@bgcarlisle for all talk of automation, I fear this will never go away

@thebestsophist it could be the performative "I need to fill my timeline with something" kind
notice me senpai is always a relevant aspect

data mine your favorite theorists for subtoots

she was a girl Show more

Search your feelings
they are epistemically valid
you can trust them
you know them to be true

I should write something about academic articles about cats
a tribute to scholar dot social

@theartguy after closing the study, your disconnected speakers from your old computer starts meowing

@bgcarlisle oh yea
now I'm interested to see if there actually is such a thing ^^

When asked about his hobbies, he replied that he liked posting naked DOI links on social media just to see who would be in on it

The scholarly impact of cats: a longitudinal study