sometimes I think about how getting access to the articles I used in my latest master thesis would handily approach five month's rent

'tis, as they say, a slightly too onerous cost of doing business

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Reminiscing about my education Show more

I solved an email conversation by knocking on someone's door

where is my honorary doctor's title, I've earned it

The digital humanities
or, as we also call them
the humanities

Someone: one of the perils of free education is that you might very well end up like mastodon user sargoth

Me, in the background: it rules

Useful information for doctoral students Show more

A secret network of guerrilla translators, finding small but significant texts and releasing unofficial translations on the open web

When writing your guide to systematic literature reviews, make sure to include a subsection about how to infiltrate or gain access the social environments of active scientists in the field

Y'know, to be able to find out where the contemporary discussion is at, and what's going on at the moment

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life-long learning Show more

a practical use of april fool's day Show more

Emotional health in academia Show more

Managing disappointment and building realistic expectations Show more

study with potential to garner real-world insights Show more

the key to reading Friere is to pay as much attention to the oppression as to the pedagogy

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