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Sargoth (skateboard aspect) @Sargoth

Heyo fellow skateboard academics. I'm currently working my way through these here texts (that are also audio productions), which mostly focus on anarchism and issues related to it. Given the current discourse about these very selfsame issues, I thought someone who is not me might find these texts interesting and/or useful

@bgcarlisle if everyone adopted my appropriate local situatedness-approach :p

@bgcarlisle the proper approach: "hey, I found this thing that works in very specific conditions that seem similar to yours, maybe you'd be interested"

Become the embodied reading you want to be in the world

Become the band of ragtag outlaw anthropologists you want to see in the world

The limitations of words in relation to patience

the master's program I'm in encourages the sharing of the works we produce and turn in, and
it is surprisingly nice to see that we all write roughly the same things in the same manner

it makes for a better working environment, all around

To the days beyond this one which are still perfect

pain meta Show more

If nothing else, a reminder that someone else having written about something is not necessarily a reason not to write your own take

@bgcarlisle I wonder if we could ask the mit dot edu instance for a donation
for the academic cause ^^

@bgcarlisle from what I've gathered, 75% of all computer problems are lack of RAM ^^

@bgcarlisle I find that notifications and mentions from other instances (eg mastodon dot social) take a non-instant time to arrive

can't say I know the reason for this, tho

@bthall that sounds rad and cool :3

for me, it's sort of an injoke. I can't skate, and I actually can't academe either
something something impostor syndrome ^^

scholar dot social, y u no play nice with other instances