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oh yeah, re-
I did myself a master in Education, almost by accident. when I did my bachelor, someone I had a low-intense crush on let it slip that they'd do the master thing, so I said - hey, this is good news. then she didn't complete the bachelor degree and I had to face the master music alone
and then I went and got a completely unrelated master in sociology, as you do. thus, if you ever need an interdisciplinarian, hmu

First higher seminar of the semester. The presenter described the results of a completed project, and at every step along the way, I felt that
this is something I know how to do, the skills still reside within me

'tis good to be reminded of this every once in a while

a note on methodology sections 

what a concept

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a note on methodology sections 

did you know
that you only need to write the steps people have to go through to replicate your findings, and not give a full account of all the steps you actually took in your wobbly roundabout meandering Anabasis?

did you know
that this is why everyone else sounds so confident when you read their methodologies?

This is my stance on #mushrooms. They are elder horrors beyond are comprehension. And some of them are tasty 🍄 #sporespondence

Methodological joy 

more places should allow you to perform participant observing and document trove diving

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Methodological joy 

Few things beat diving into troves of internal documentation and finding that, yes, literally everything you noticed during your stint of participant observation is both accurate and already noted to some extent

the method is working

Person: there is a difference between inductive and deductive methods?
Me: yes
Person: could you tell me which is which?
Me: I can tell you what the two approaches are, but I'll be damned if I can remember which word goes with which method

a tip from a librarian 

the most difficult books to place are those which there are only one of. with those, you have to scan the shelf and activate those cognitive processors in your noggin'

if there are several of 'em, on the other hand, you can just go
these identical objects go together, problem solved, square object goes into square hole

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a tip from a librarian 

don't just write the one singular book. write two. one that is really popular and metaphorically flies off the shelf, and one that is really obscure that remains firmly rooted in place, thus telling us exactly where the other book is to be placed

The issue with people not understanding filesystems isn't that people don't understand filesystems; it's that for decades now the leading technology companies have been executing a campaign to strip basic computer literacy from everyone who isn't college educated, allowing the formation of a cult of tech and the mysticization of the process in order to justify monopolies and oligopologies with outsized influence over daily life for everyone on Earth.

library musin' 

one of the things you discover when working at a public library is that
a) there are so, so many children's books on minecraft and roblox, and
b) they get lent & returned so, so often

Welcome to the Meme Studies Research Network Index 

an index for meme studies research, you say?

of media/games studies interest, bird site 

I did a bit of digital culturing this morn, and compiled a list of 40 iconic, interesting or impactful moments in video games. if you are someone whose work relates to games and have found yourself asking "but what games are there?"
then this might be useful, either as a direct hit or as a starting point for further search efforts

application confirmation mails 

Swedish intro: hej!

English intro! Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs/Mx,

you don't have to know the local lingo to figure that the international greeting has slightly more flare to it

thesis remembrances 

today marks the one-year anniversary of me successfully defending my master thesis, and let me tell you
the feeling of relief that it's finally over has not diminished since

Strange New Worlds 

it appears that hijinks are the most logical course of action

long explanation 

This toot is inspired by some funny hacks that exist between the three big universities in Berlin where you can be enrolled at one but can take courses at another, which then transfer with some hilariously non-linear mapping rules.

Like, take a "pass/fail" at one uni, which turns into "perfect grade" at the other.

Or fail maths for CS, take maths for philosophy, which happens to map to maths for teachers, which happens to be compatible with maths for CS.

I fucking love this

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