Tfw you wake up finding yourself haunted by incongruous embodiments of the Nous

The one thing that kills me about the past is that it, structurally and phenomenologically, was just like the present

Everything happened now

Me: ah, it's all done, now I can finally relax from all the required reading


Me: the time for non-required reading has come

in all things, ask yourself:
what would the good soldier Švejk do?

WWGSŠD, for short

it occurs to me that this toot is rather unclearly worded

it also generates interesting reads

the life and/or death of the author resides amongst us

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*looks at requirements for PhD programmes*
so what you're saying is that in order to get into this programme, you basically have to be a doctor before you sign up?

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there are Milton scholars
it follows naturally from this that there are controversies within Milton studies
I shall leave the specifics to your imagination

Hey you
Do that crazy hair style youve been considering
Wear that outfit you think is too bold
Go live your best life and look the way you feel!

Here's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna take my thesis, that I just printed out with my trusty printer, and lovingly carry it to campus, so as to turn it in right and proper

cause it's done, and today is the day to be done with it

Aside from being an amusing paradox, it also has the methodological implication that the more method one employs, the more one delays confronting the object of study, the better the study becomes; the best studies consist of nothing but methodology. Kafka urges us forward through the parable of the watchman, and through a resolving paradox: if it had been possible to build the Tower of Babel without ascending it, the work would have been permitted."

"Kafka (1961), in one of his parables on the Tower of Babel, muses that since our capacity for building becomes ever greater with time, there is no proper moment to actually begin the construction. What would at present take a year to complete, will soon take a mere week, meaning that we would actually complete the tower faster by postponing the construction. The longer we postpone it, the faster it is completed.

Interviewer: so, what's your take on methodology?
Me: the methodology section is more akin to a 'best of' the scientific process than it is to a complete and accurate account of what happened

computer science is the most relevant discipline in the modern humanities

this should say anti-plagiarizing software
or should it?
let the intense debate begin

I just remembered I hadn't revoked a permission to the plagiarizing software company to use one of my assignments as reference materials

so I revoked it

do not work for free, friends

I opened up Becker's book of tricks, and stumbled upon this lesson:
1. take a routine thing that happens in your everyday life, and apply any of the theoretical models of human behavior at your disposal on it
2. notice all the ways it breaks down
3. pedagogically ask: if the model breaks down in cases you are intimately familiar with, how well would it fit in cases about which you know nothing?
4. marvel at the fact that being a social scientist is more than the mindless application of theory

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