Become the skateboard academic you want to see in the world
...or on campus

Not all contributions to a project have to be big or huge to be meaningful; sometimes, the mere act of someone being around to tinker with the project is enough to signal to those involved that things are still moving and in progress

This goes for both big projects with many people, and for small ones where you are the only one involved

doing the minimum necessary to pass a course is always valid

academia, emails 

"This is more of a cat than a question"
*lobs a cat at the lecturer*

*looks at the stats for the latest thesis*
342 page visits

...something is up with these numbers

the new semester has started, and the familiar rituals are starting to kick in. over the years, however, said rituals have matured, ever so slightly, taking on new forms

which is to say, those who used to ask the strangely large university facebook group "hey, does anyone have the course books for course x" have transitioned into "hey, does anyone need the course books for course x"

'tis all part of the circle of university life

I just applied for a non-academic academic job

it'll be nice to not be an academic for a spell

Those who have a dictionary know the meaning of every word. Those who have two dictionaries are prone to confusion and thinking they know less than they did before

a deontological solution to the trolley problem 

what's your favourite file name academic papers?

- fulltext.pdf
- paper.pdf
- 👻
- Full Paper Title.v17.8-final.doc 👻

*listens to an interview with someone with an academic Oxford diction*
there's this one thing I've always wondered
do you have to already have that way of speaking before becoming an oxford person, or do you somehow learn it on the job?

there are Milton scholars
it follows naturally from this that there are controversies within Milton studies
I shall leave the specifics to your imagination

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