heya, writing friends
what are good open source writing programs that stand up to the rigors and nonsense of sustained, sometimes even professional writing?

i don't know who needs to hear this, but if you're a faculty member and you have your students do interesting projects and *then* you ask the archivist if they can preserve the projects.... this is the wrong order of steps. if you want us to preserve your class's projects, please ask us before you commence the project so we can give you advice about our capacity and designing it well.

One of the great things humans do is integrate knowledge in new and unexpected ways, making connections between things that seem counterintuitive at first but obvious in hindsight
the main mechanism for integrating knowledge is low-stress activity, doings that at first glance seem non-productive but which in aggregate helps put things in perspective

So if you've ever felt guilt for taking a whole day off to wander aimlessly through a local nature preserve:

it's important work

application amusements, multidisciplinarity 

job application fun 

Person: how do you annotate your books?
Me, having managed through it all exclusively by means of library books: no

The concept of "reference letters" should be catapulted into the sun

fun personal insight 

amusing job application nugget 

writing tip: no writing tip will ever cover every situation. use adverbs. fuck up grammar. fuck up spelling. do whatever you can to get your soul on paper

it finally happened
I got the urge to put a footnote on a footnote
hurl open the gates, I'm ready to enter

If everyone returned their library books all at once, they would not fit on the shelves

The library lives in all of our houses

sociology joek 

Application nonsense, the eleusinian mysteries 

I received a letter from the university. from this day onward, I officially have a degree in playing Civilization 4

needless to say, I made some good life choices along the way

a confirmation message with some amount of emotional significance 

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