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Sargoth (skateboard aspect)

I trained a recurrent neural network on all of the titles of papers in my Zotero and my research and practice got completely roasted

In which I poke polite fun at STEM majors by writing an efficient algorithm that could readily replace them Show more

Technical Note: We originally wrote this article in Word, but then we converted it to Latex to make it look more like science.

My favorite kinds of sociology are those that explain why certain groups are extremely attached to seemingly random musical genres

The true failing of RSS is that you can't track people with it

Article suggestion: the impact of cats on scholarly work

There are wars fought in the footnotes

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"skateboard academic sargoth, you fav each and every introduction on the local timeline as a welcoming gesture, but you've never written one on this instance?"

that is an accurate analysis of the situation

hey yall my students have given me feedback and they really wanna see a film and I'm having a little difficulty finding one so if people would be so kind as to contribute once more to my search: I'm looking for #cyberfeminist documentaries/long videos/films about gender, culture, the web, etc. Wondering specifically about documentaries about gamergate, women in tech fields, or misogyny on the web. boost if you can and thanks in advance!

Speaking of nothing
One of my theses was about Patreon. Since everyone on the internet is busy, I wrote a handy summary of this very internet-relevant thesis. Since it is a long summary, you can get by by just reading the boldtyped sentences

Here you go

And so, to quote the ancient sages:
what a concept

A nice, long read about media literacy and why it does not necessarily mean what you think it means

It is 2074. Copyright is no longer extended since rich people no longer die. All librarians are unseen outlaws building archives underground. This is their story.

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