Whilst on strike: "your work is vital to the functioning of the university, and your refusal to do it causes severe harm both to the institution and students that attend it. it is vital that you return to work immediately"

Whilst not on strike: "we can unfortunately not allocate a minor amount of additional resources to improve workplace conditions. other sections are more important than yours"

@Sargoth if this are emails, you should use them as answer to the other

@meena this is true

alas, I'm just condensing impressions I've gotten from faculties on strike, so using this perfect response will have to wait for a future opportune moment

@Sargoth @GreenandBlack

put this one in your "organising campaign inoculation" folder, folks. this is the typical kind of lying rhetoric the boss will use to wear down a strike by turning public support against you. knowing this in advance can help you neutralise any effect these lies might have.

@Sargoth In case it needs to be said:

The bosses could end the strike in an instant simply by meeting the strikers' demands. They choose not to, and are therefore the ones actually hurting the students here.

@KitsuneAlicia @Sargoth "the strike continues, because the administration isn't sure who they would prefer to hurt more"

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