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I did a bit of digital culturing this morn, and compiled a list of 40 iconic, interesting or impactful moments in video games. if you are someone whose work relates to games and have found yourself asking "but what games are there?"
then this might be useful, either as a direct hit or as a starting point for further search efforts


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@Sargoth Did you notice that when you wrote about games being art, you actually meant "narrative art"? I think the most interesting cases of games being artful is when they use procedural methods to do that, since that is something not easily accomplished in other media.


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@jaranta nah, I didn't notice. I used the distinction favored in ancient Greece, between those things that occur naturally, and those which only happen through artifice. those things of the latter category are art; from this, I unilaterally decide that video games are art

interestingly enough, through this definition we could make the case that procedural generation is not art. there is no artifice to it, it just happens. back to nature, as it were

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of media/games studies interest, bird site 

@Sargoth I'm just thinking that your list excludes non-narrative things, which are often very interesting. Like stuff molleindustria.org/ does, where the "impactful moment" is when you realise how the system creates some outcomes from your actions.

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