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It's interesting to see who retains the bird site habit of omitting the final dot, who never acquired the habit, and who never really noticed until someone pointed it out

The third category may or may not overlap with the other two

@Sargoth Wait--what final dot? Do you mean at the end of a sentence, or something else? If the former, I do it only if I'm out of characters.

Ha...just noticed you left out the final dot in the sentences. So you already answered my question. And apparently I've gotten so used to that happening on birdsite I didn't notice it at first!

Sargoth (skateboard aspect) @Sargoth

@chendricks it's one of many small micro-habits that usually passes unnoticed until someone mentions them. another is to capitalize standalone messages, but not replies

there is a case to be made that this harkens back to usage of chat programs, where the speed of response is more important than spelling and punctuation

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