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Complaining about postmodernism ruining things these days is like worrying about the adverse effects of Spice Girls concerts: it has been a while since they were a thing, and there are quite a number of other things that happened between then and now which require more immediate attention

@Sargoth I'm more concerned with neoclassicism's influence, anyway.

@Sargoth I mean, they couldn't even come up with NEW stuff. They just looked at some old stuff and said "What if we did an imperfect job of copying that?"

Mediocrity, I tell you! Back in my day [20 paragraph ramble that does not actually get to a point truncated for sanity]

Sargoth (skateboard aspect) @Sargoth

@theartguy they didn't even pick something good to emulate [launches into an extended expounding on why someone else from a very similar but not quite identical time period is a better choice for emulating, ultimately culminating in a lengthy rant on why kids these days should learn 18th century Bavarian court dancing]

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@Sargoth I need to report a Mastodon bug. Clearly I should be able to favorite this toot twice.

@Sargoth ... I see what you did there.