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editors, like librarians, have superpowers, and should be respected and feared in equal measure

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Inside every person there are two wolves,
Reviewer 1
Reviewer 2

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computer restarted and closed all the PDFs

I am not a fan

Me: in a world

Analytic philosopher: hold up, I am not sure I am comfortable with the pace you are making assumptions here

@Dialectrical I translated something similar into english a while back. it might be of use, despite having an, ah, peculiar view on academic survival

@MRensema it goes with the territory. everyone specializes in something, and that something is not the same for everyone

@MRensema 'tis what we sociologists who know exactly one thing about Hegel do ^^

on a slightly more serious note: the key to getting things done in an environment that does not fully grasp what you're about, is to find out what they know and ask for their guidance in those areas. for other areas, seek answers elsewhere

the analytic philosophers will not give you the skinny on Hegel, but they might know other things that you can use

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