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Reading on non-binary or Xジェンダー (x-jendā) in japan: has a small collection of sources which look interesting.

Starting with a paper in english on the concept of non-binary gender or specificity x-jendā:

Wow: "Professor freed student from Islamic State war zone"

"A chemistry professor at Lund University dispatched a team of mercenaries into an Islamic State (also known as IS, Isis or Daesh) war zone to free one of her doctoral students and his family. "

I'm considering running a scholar/academic/research/education oriented instance, wondering how much interest there is in it on this bit of the ?

It seems very doable, but bit steep in investment cost (hardware). I think it should be doable with a running cost of ca 100-150,- per month for hosting and hardware. Assuming sponsored/donated admin-time.

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BBC Documentary on

Tries to take a scientific look on the subject. Looking at claims and how well supported they are. Not many conclusions, or well concludes there isn't much (certain) to conclude (yet). But highlights some interesting items around it.

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I'm looking for a overview of the varieties in the species capsicum chinense (type of hot "pepper"). There is so much info, so many different plants, but haven't found a good overview yet (wikipedia data is poor on this topic).

Looks also very interesting though.


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RT One of our friends has gone missing in Bodø, Norway. Friends, colleagues and family are very, very worried. Please share <3 #FindArjen #Bodø #Norway #MissingPerson #ArjenKamphuis


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"The sources of power necessary for radical transformation are more plural and complex than simply ‘winning government for the left’."

New model #activism: Putting #Labour in office and the people in power

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