Hi all, it was great conversing with you. After a strange Admin message, I'm taking my leave of this instance.

Catchy song 

Adventures in R, memento 

I wrote this parser webapp thing that generates png images for the trees you make. It can also generate sentences given the grammar you specify.


It's pretty plain right now but i'm proud of it!

@bgcarlisle This shit never ends. 'Move this to the beginning actually no I hate that don't do that copy this but also you did that once and I hated it read my mind'

Went to Miami last night to shake off some stress before semester begins. Not much progress because I didn't plan anything. This idea of spontaneity is a fallacy; you need to plan for fun unless you're dos equis man

What's the difference between doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and doing the wrong thing for the right reasons?

being deadnamed in academia 

2 of 3 backyard furrigators to distract you from frustration 🐊

Hi all, pleased to meet you! I'm a returning student originally from Boston (now near Cuba) who studied accounting and finance; I'm now studying analytics in one of those midlife career change moves that happen fairly frequently. I'm happy to be back and excited to share ideas and questions with you all. Technology in education and in the public sector are some of the topics I love reading about; my last research paper was about the role of blockchain in public administration.

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